Pats’ Dominique Easley Has Hip Pointer

The Patriots’ defense may have avoided a significant blow in Thursday’s 28-21 win over the Steelers. The injury which caused lineman Dominique Easley to exit in the first quarter is a hip pointer that should only keep him out a week or two, according to Ian Rapoport of (Twitter link).

New England is counting on Easley, a second-year man, to help replace longtime run-stopping stalwart Vince Wilfork – who signed with the Texans in the offseason. The Patriots struggled to slow down the Steelers’ ground attack with and without Easley on Thursday, allowing 134 yards on just 25 carries. Nearly all of those yards – 127, to be exact – were accumulated by DeAngelo Williams, who amassed 21 carries.

Injuries have long been an issue for Easley, who tore the ACL in both of his knees during his college career at Florida (in 2011 and ’13, respectively). Nonetheless, the Patriots used a first-round pick in the 2014 draft on Easley, whose rookie season was subsequently cut short because of yet another knee injury. He ended up playing in 11 games, totaling 10 tackles and a sack. So far, his attempt to stay healthy and fill a bigger role with the 2015 Pats isn’t off to an auspicious start.

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11 comments on “Pats’ Dominique Easley Has Hip Pointer

  1. Deebo

    Sonofabitch. Figures. Can’t believe a first round pick was wasted on the glass and balsa wood Easley.

  2. Bruises easier than a banana……smdh.

  3. Iblanch

    Relax it’s a hip pointer and he should be back fairly quickly. Everybody take a chill pill. The game is physical

  4. Gac

    He’s just figured out how to get paid and not work….milk an injury, stay off the field, get paid and when you’re released retire or con some other team. Kinda like clay buccholz

  5. Crush

    He has the talent to be the most impactdul down lineman on this team. It’s big news that it’s only a hip pointer. People need to relax. Calling him a waist is premature. They’re swinging for the fences with him

  6. ansum

    “Nonetheless, the Patriots used a first-round pick in the 2014 draft on Easley, whose rookie season was subsequently cut short because of yet another knee injury. ” False. He was basically on a “pitch count” for lack of a better term. The knee got sore so they stashed him away for 2015.

    • Wolf

      That is what I thought I had heard, thanks for confirming. Gronk and Edelman both had the injury bug pretty bad too. I think patience will pay off just as much with this guy as it did with those two, he’s got a ton of potential. He just needs to get and stay healthy.

  7. Tom

    He has toomsny skills to be impatient. Give him time. Hopefully he reaches his full potential. If and when he dies he’ll be pretty damn exciting to watch.

  8. Dennis

    All you guys have valid points, but with 2 torn ACL. We are going for 5th ring here. I’m sorry call Big Wilfolk or something like! Bad first round pick? I say yes. Plus our secondary defense needs to improve

  9. Johnathan

    Wasted draft pick…they still spent a first round pick on a guy who tore both his acls in non-contact situations…now he has a hip-pointer..he might as well rupture his achilles.

  10. Todd

    I don’t know how they decided to pick an injury prone player in the first round, but avoid others who slip down the draft board. Timmy Jernigan would have been my selection. Similar build, similar explosion and didn’t do to bad for the Ravens last year with 4 sacks as a back up. I would have taken a late round on RB Jay Ajay this year. I hope Easley proves us wrong and has a long productive career here.

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