Rams/Chargers To Join Forces On L.A. Stadium?

A pairing of the Rams and Chargers in Inglewood, Calif. is gaining momentum among NFL owners who fear that the Raiders don’t have the cash to make the move work, Jason Cole of Bleacher Report tweets. At this time, the Rams are on board with that plan but the Bolts are reluctant since there isn’t “a lot of trust” between the two teams at this time (link).

Long-term, Cole wonders aloud (link) if the Raiders’ financial situation could force Mark Davis to sell the team to someone with deeper pockets. He also hears that NFL owners and executives are kicking around the idea of moving the Jaguars to St. Louis to replace the Rams if they head west (link). Nothing is certain at this time, but it sounds like there could be a serious domino effect stemming from the NFL’s venture into the Los Angeles market.

Meanwhile, Floyd Kephart, the man trying to redevelop the Oakland Coliseum complex and finance construction of a new stadium for the Raiders, has been pitching his plan to the team for several months. As it turns out, that proposal didn’t jive with the team’s “terms and conditions” for deal and is a non-starter for the Raiders, Matthew Artz of the Bay Area News Group writes. In short, the Raiders made it clear to Kephart that they needed to control stadium revenues to help pay for the team’s $500MM contribution toward the stadium, including a $200MM stadium loan from the NFL. Kephart’s proposal, meanwhile, would have had the financial shortfall filled primarily through issuing bonds backed by future stadium revenue.

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8 comments on “Rams/Chargers To Join Forces On L.A. Stadium?

  1. Lane

    For God’s sake quit perpetuating the myth that the Jags are moving. They’re not. A brand new development connecting downtown and Everbank is in the works plus a 30 million dollar indoor practice facility being planned for south of the stadium. And they’re almost done finalizing an extension for another game a year in London for the next 15 years. The Jags will stay in Duval.

  2. Mista

    The jags owner just announced he is investing in a multi million dollar indoor field and development plan for the stadium area….these “insiders”…don’t even have the information us”outsiders”have. ….#shotyreporting

  3. Boomgrounder

    Cole is lying, the Jaguars aren’t leaving Jacksonville! Shad Khan owns the Jags and he has stated over and over that he is not leaving Jacksonville! He jus announced yesterday he is building a $30 Million Indoor Practice Facility and he has upgraded EverBank Field by $60 Million of his own cash in the last year. You people are clueless. Get a clue and realize Jacksonville is here to stay as an NFL franchise!!!

  4. Sam Robinson

    This would make the most sense as far as league balance is concerned, keeping the Chargers in the AFC. Of the three teams vying for L.A., the Raiders, despite their struggles, may have the best identity in their current city, at least from an interest standpoint. So a Rams/Chargers union may make the most sense from a tradition standpoint as well.

    • Rick

      It would if Oakland could build a stadium, which they can’t. If the NFL follows their own guidelines the Raiders should be one of the teams moving. San Diego and St Louis are both willing to build a stadium and Oakland can’t. If the league disapproves a Raiders move what is the team supposed to do? Keep playing in O.co? No chance. They should have moved out of that dump ten years ago. San Antonio may be an option but Jerry Jones won’t like that either. The league is gonna to have to let the Raiders go to LA, if not, then the city of their choice. If the NFL keeps saying no to the Raiders and doesn’t abide by their own relocation guidelines the courts may have to solve it. Again.

      • Eva

        Rams to LA done deal. Kroenke is wanting 2 teams in the new stadium being built in Inglewood & it certainly will not be the Raiders! ; )

  5. Gary

    Raiders and Chargers. Don’t believe this nonsense.

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