Latest On Colin Kaepernick, 49ers

Here’s the latest on the 49ers and their starting QB..

  • With reports of discord in the 49ers’ locker room regarding Colin Kaepernick, wide receiver Torrey Smith went public over the weekend with his support of the quarterback, as Matt Maiocco of writes. “We’re still together,” 49ers wide receiver Torrey Smith said. “It’s tough. It’s frustrating, but it’s not dividing the team at all. It’s not separating Kap. Kap isn’t on a damn island. We’re here together. We’re trying to win together.”
  • 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula doesn’t believe that the anti-Kaepernick leaks came from the locker room or the front office, but he did call them “an absolute concern,” as Cam Inman of the Mercury News tweets.
  • Tim Kawakami of The Mercury News (Twitter links) thinks it’s “beyond obvious” that the recent Kaepernick stories are coming from 49ers management, though Tomsula can’t come out and say that. Kawakami’s reasoning? The stories are developing with the same pattern as last season with ex-coach Jim Harbaugh and they’re primarily coming from the same two national reporters.
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10 comments on “Latest On Colin Kaepernick, 49ers

  1. aarongill

    Torrey smith needs a good qb to deliver him the ball to his 8 mill per year contract

  2. InvalidUserID

    If the Niners can get that Cal QB, Kaep is gone.

  3. Anonymous

    It would be nice if an educated 49’ers fan would comment here. Get him a Kilgore, a new RG and RT he’ll be back at 2013 form

    • Jay_T

      I agree.

    • Jay_T

      If they fix that O line we will be a lot better. Right now he looks scared and for good reason. He is either getting sacked or hit as he throws way to much and it can’t feel good. You fix that O Line in the offseason and let him build back that confidence he will do great. Not sure if his time is already up though with management. We will see.

    • aarongill

      Educated? We know the OLINE is trash. You need to give up on kap. You think he’ll be Aaron Rodgers with a good OLINE. It’s time for a new qb who doesn’t throw the football like a baseball.

      • You think Rodgers would be better with this OLine? That’s a laugh. The problem MAY or may not be the QB, but the root of the problem is the OLine play or lack thereof. Kaep played much better in the past when he had a decent OLine.

        • aarongill

          This is what kap has done.
          Played decent/good vs bad teams or bad coverage teams (Ravens,steelers,Giants)
          Played bad against ok teams
          Played horrible against good teams(cardinals,packers)

        • aarongill

          Aaron Rodgers in 2012 sacked 51 times. 67 percent completion percentage 4,250 plus passing yards 39 touchdowns 8 interceptions. Even with a bad OLINE he did wonders. Kap couldn’t do that with the best OLINE in the game if he had one

  4. If mgmt or ownership is leaking crap about Kaep, then it’s time to reconsider being a Niner fan. If they are more interested in personal politics than winning football games, why should fans emotional time and personal wealth on the team. Kaep was Harbaugh’s man; I’d hate to think that the front office would be so petty, but it’s really beginning to look like exactly that.

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