NFC Links: Kaepernick, Cardinals, JPP

Some assorted notes from around the NFC…

  • Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman could envision the Eagles trading for embattled quarterback Colin Kaepernick following the season (via Twitter). The 49ers signal-caller has previously shown the skills that Chip Kelly covets, and Freeman believes (via Twitter) the coach is convinced that he can fix any quarterback.
  • Furthermore, Freeman tweets that scouts are attributing the 49ers offensive issues on the offensive line and coaching staff, not the quarterback.
  • It could be in the 49ers best interest in bench Kaepernick, writes Mike Florio of The quarterback’s contract calls for more than $31MM in guaranteed money for injury, meaning the organization would be in quite the financial hole if Kaepernick were to go down.
  • Over the past few years, the Cardinals have added some big names during the first weeks of free agency. However, Kent Somers of says the team should be commended for the under-the-radar moves that have often come later in the summer. Jermaine Gresham and Chris Johnson were among the Cardinals’ later additions this past summer, with Karlos Dansby, John Abraham and Tommy Kelly being previous examples.
  • Jordan Raanan of the Star-Ledger (on Twitter) has serious doubts as to whether Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul will return this season.
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4 comments on “NFC Links: Kaepernick, Cardinals, JPP

  1. MosesZD

    Oh, please do trade for Kaepernick. And I find it funny how the Eagle scouts are even dumber than the 49er scouts. At least when they drafted Captain One-Read, they thought they could teach him to be a real QB.

    After FOUR YEARS of tutelage by “Jim Harbaugh — QB Guru,’ he still sucks and can’t read defenses, comprehend route trees, throw receivers open or play under pressure.

    BUt it’s the NFL and teams will keep giving bad QBs chances because they hope, against all rational thought, that somehow the light will go on.

  2. Beezneez

    Blaine Gabbert is not going to do better but it’s not like we’re winning, so I keep saying why not. It gets sneers from the Kap fan base that I don’t understand. Are you afraid a miracle is going to happen and Gabbert is going to play better and make him look bad? I don’t understand. Especially knowing the financial ramifications if Kap gets hurt.

    • Just a guy

      Agree. Blaine looked good in preseason, and was a top 10 pick (I believe). Let’s see what he’s got. He could suck. If so, then we know what we have. What if he’s good? We’re not going to the playoffs. Let’s find out. If he sucks, put kap back in.

    • Just a guy

      Btw, I was a big kap defender for a long time. I’m running out of excuses. At some point it’s him.

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