Community Tailgate: Super Bowl 50 Winner

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Both home teams came out of Sunday’s championship games with victories, but that was hardly a given heading into the weekend. While the Panthers were favored over the Cardinals, the Broncos entered Sunday’s AFC championship against the Patriots as underdogs. However, an incredible effort by the defense, which hit Tom Brady more than any quarterback has been hit in a single game all season, helped Denver pull off the 20-18 upset.

While the Broncos squeaked through to Super Bowl 50 with a last-minute defensive stop, the Panthers throttled the Cardinals from start to finish in the NFC championship, and Carolina will head into the final game of the season as favorites over Denver.

Although some observers and reporters have likened the matchup to the Broncos/Seahawks Super Bowl two years ago, in which Seattle blew out Peyton Manning and the Broncos, this Denver defense looks much more dangerous than that team’s unit, and might be capable of slowing down Cam Newton and the Panthers. At the very least, Von Miller, DeMarcus Ware, and company should ensure that the league’s probable MVP won’t be quite as comfortable as he looked against the Seahawks and Cardinals.

How do you expect Super Bowl 50 to play out? Will the Panthers continue to cruise through the postseason en route to the franchise’s first championship, or will the Broncos pull off their second consecutive upset victory? Weigh in below with your predictions!

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23 comments on “Community Tailgate: Super Bowl 50 Winner

  1. Onra ohnsonja

    I haven’t seen Cam play that much this year being a Viking, but what I’ve seen of the Panther’s, Denver will have to play the-game-of-their-life – Denver prob has best ‘D’ but will it be enough to stop Cam and the rest of the Panther Train? – I really doubt it, but Panther’s did lose one towards the end maybe b/c their head were a little big then – A cool approach by Carolina will give them the win – Predict 27-18 …..

    • sixshooter

      Apparently you haven’t seen Denver play much either…….

  2. whiskeyted

    I think Denver has a good chance of winning. they have a defense that can shut any team down

  3. dozer509

    I think the Broncos defense is good enough to keep them in the game. As a Seahawks fan and having watched the cardinals game as well, the offenses put their defenses in bad positions and led to big leads for the panthers. If Peyton doesn’t turn the ball over this will be a close game in the second half

  4. dozer509

    As a Seahawks fan and having watched the cardinals game as well, their offenses put their def noses in bad positions and led to big leads for the panthers. The Broncos defense is good enough to keep the game close if Peyton doesn’t turn the ball over. 24-19 Carolina

  5. realfootballfan

    I’ve been saying it since midseason, the Panthers have the best roster in football. Their front 7 is very good and very deep, and they have the best QB in football this year. If Denver pulls it off, you’d have to put this Peyton Manning win in the column with Trent Dilfer’s win with Baltimore because he will have as much to do with it as Dilfer had to do with that one.

    • dorfmac

      As a Ravens fan, once you win a championship, who gives a F?! Haha

      Peyton played well on Sunday – no turnovers, two TDs. I’d take that over Flacco…. 😉

      • Nick Ottino

        peyton threw for less than 200 yards. he didnt even qualify as a “game manager” he was totally shut down in the second half

    • sixshooter

      Huh??? Better go back to class son……Comparing P Manning to T Dilfer is only something a fool would say!

      Panthers Offense = #11
      Denver’s Offense = #16

      Denver’s Defense = #1
      Panthers Defense = #6

      Panthers may have a good roster but to say it’s the best is a stretch to say the least!!!


      • Rocky

        You may want to go back and check those offensive ranks again. Are those total yards or points? Either way, I think Carolina was in the top five if not number one over all.

  6. realfootballfan

    No, Seattle and AZ’s offenses didn’t put them in a bad position, Carolina’s front 7 forced them into that. They’ve been doing that to everyone this year, especially in the 2nd half of the year. AZ, Seattle, and Minnesota all have good defenses. They did this to all of them. Denver will be a bigger challenge, but no team is stopping Carolina this year because they have a combination of the best QB in football and a very good defense, something Denver doesn’t have with Manning limping around out there, not to mention his well known choking in big games that he did even when he still was good. Newton hasn’t thrown a red zone pick in 2 years. Manning just threw his 2nd and 3rd TDs in a home game this year yesterday…in January.

  7. Dallas Robinson

    It’s going to have to be a very low scoring game for Manning and the Broncos to win. Honestly, I could see a repeat of the Broncos-Seahawks Super Bowl from two years ago. Yes, Denver’s defense is very good, but so is Arizona’s, and look at the points the Panthers put up yesterday.

  8. DannyP

    I bet 45-0 Panthers

    • sixshooter

      Keep dreamin’…….

  9. christian18cutshaw

    24-14 Panthers

  10. dorfmac

    Panthers receiving core is still questionable, and I think they’ve looked better than they are since Cam can buy extra time. The Broncos should be a tougher test because I think their defense is fast enough to keep up with Cam. It was insane how quick they were off the line yesterday and in Brady’s face – the Panthers haven’t dealt with that all season. I am a big fan of Cam – and I want to see him celebrate so much the sports pundits heads explode – but I still subscribe to the adage of defense winning championships.

  11. drum18

    If anyone thinks the powers that be will send Peyton out a loser is nuts. The game is being scripted as I type this.

    • dorfmac

      Wonder when they will script the power to go out again

      • drum18

        I still watch the NFL (Giants) and remain interested, but the older I get, it seems the league is getting closer to the WWF(E). Some game sequences are so predictable it isn’t even funny. More like obvious. I’ve been a fan since the early 80s and this DEFINITELY isn’t the game (league) I was passionate about. The shine came off a long time ago. Yet, and to the chagrin of the league, I still watch and get excited (angry) through each Giants game. I guess it’s just a matter of accepting change…like no more hard slides, bean balls and spitting in baseball.

  12. drum18

    If anyone believes the powers that be will send Peyton out a loser they’re nuts.
    This game is being scripted as I type this.

  13. Dan Price

    Denver Broncos

  14. I think it will be a tough hard nosed game with the line play on offense and defense spelling the difference. I’ll be surprised if Payton makes it to the end. 28-24 panthers

  15. Eddie

    31-27 panthers #returnofthecardiaccats #keeppounding

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