Giants’ Tom Coughlin Could Resign Monday

It appears the Giants’ matchup with the NFC East rival Eagles on Sunday will bring about the end of Tom Coughlin’s 12-year tenure with Big Blue. The two-time Super Bowl winner will resign after the game, sources tell Fox Sports’ Mike Garafolo.

Whether Coughlin steps down or the Giants fire him, it does look as if his reign with the team that hired him in 2004 will inevitably conclude after the season. Given the Giants’ inability to take advantage of their place in a mediocre-at-best division in 2015, questions about Coughlin’s job security have abounded throughout the campaign. The 6-9 Giants will miss the playoffs for the fourth straight season under Coughlin’s watch. The 69-year-old had previously led the Giants to playoff berths in five of his first eight seasons in New York. Two of those berths ended in titles for the Giants, who won eight-plus games in eight of Coughlin’s first nine seasons at the helm. Since 2013, however, the Giants haven’t had a season in which they’ve finished .500 or above, going an ugly 19-28 along the way. Nevertheless, Coughlin has amassed a solid regular-season record in New York (102-89). That, combined with his pair of championships and earlier success in Jacksonville (68-60, four playoff appearances from 1995-2002), could ultimately send him to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

While it’s too early to speculate on replacements for a coach who is still employed, the New York Daily News’ Ralph Vacchiano wrote Friday that the Saints’ Sean Payton and Alabama’s Nick Saban should both be targets to replace Coughlin. Last week, Vacchiano reported that Giants owner John Mara‘s ideal scenario included retaining Coughlin as the head coach and eventually handing the reins to offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo.

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7 comments on “Giants’ Tom Coughlin Could Resign Monday

  1. tidade

    Mara needs to clean house. GM Reese needs to go also. His drafts have not been good nor has his FA signings. The Giants need a coach who will not coddle Eli.

    • Who has he signed/drafted that hasn’t been good or at least contributed at a decent level at some point with the Giants? OBJ, Beatty, Pugh, Amukamara, Rashad Jennings, Cruz, Nicks, Ahmad Bradshaw, JPP have been good signings/draft picks. Not every pick/signing results in a Pro Bowler/HOFer. Its also not Reese’s fault that some of his picks have turned out to be injury prone or out of the league (Terrell Thomas and David Wilson come to mind). I’m not a Giants fan but it doesn’t seem like Reese has been bad at all.

  2. Ron D

    Sabin!? Yea, whatever…..Giants will tune his BS out pronto.

  3. drum18

    Jerry Reese, get your resume together. I totally agree with tidade: Reese has to go, too. His drafts have sucked and his FA choices have been terrible.
    I think the Mara/Tisch group realizes this and will make the necessary change. Although I’m at a loss for GM candidates, I like Payton as a hc option. And: Nick, please stay in school. The NFL has shown it’s no place for you.

  4. Mr. Ed

    The story above talks of Mara laving Tom C in place and giving McAdoo the “reins” next season. Are you kidding me? What is wrong with that man’s thinking? Nice guys finish last.
    Clean house. Hire a fire and brimstone coach who will bring in his own coaches as he sees fit and stop jerking the fans around. The McAdoo move did nothing but undermine Tom C’s leadership and force him to do the bidding of a disconnected owner.
    Learn a lesson from the jets, cut out the comic book management and get the ship righted.

  5. Klauskups13

    It’s not the coach its Reese’s and his scouts.Reese’s looking in the draft for third round’and up to help on special teams not as starters.We are cutting a lot of mid round draft picks because they’re no good . That is Reese’s fault

  6. Jerry Reese is the Billy King of the NFL….

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