Police Investigate Dispute Between Johnny Manziel, Ex-Girlfriend

1:54pm: Fort Worth police determined an assault had possibly transpired and they searched for Manziel with a helicopter due to the woman being concerned about the quarterback’s well-being, Mark David Smith of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports.

The department is actively working with Dallas police to “determine if a criminal offense occurred,” Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal reports.

After attempting to call Manziel, police used their chopper to search around Fort Worth for him, Smith reports, but ultimately concluded he was safe and in no danger. The potential victim also referred to Manziel as her ex-boyfriend.

12:30pm: NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told Cabot that the league was aware of the incident. “We are aware of it and looking into it,” he said (via Twitter).

11:19am: Johnny Manziel is in the news once again, and per usual, it’s not for anything positive. According to David Watkins of NBC5 (via Twitter), Fort Worth police were called this morning to check on an apparent “altercation” between the quarterback and his ex-girlfriend. No arrests were made. The Browns had no comment on the incident, according to Mary Kay Cabot of Cleveland.com (via Twitter).

Johnny Manziel“He was not arrested,” the Forth Worth police confirmed to Omar Villafranca of CBS News (via Twitter). “An information report was completed regarding an altercation between Manziel and his girlfriend. The report has not been fully completed yet but once I have a completed report I will have more information for you sir.”

Manziel and his then-girlfriend made headlines back in October following a roadside argument. Of course, that wasn’t the only time the former first-rounder’s name popped up this season. Manziel had checked himself into rehab during the offseason, but the 23-year-old was seen drinking in a video released in December, leading to his benching. The next month, Manziel was seen partying in Las Vegas, and the quarterback reportedly didn’t show up the next day to the team-mandated concussion protocol.

There was already come uncertainty surrounding Manziel’s future in Cleveland, especially considering the team’s hiring of Hue Jackson. The new head coach had indicated that he hadn’t talked to the young quarterback, although owner Jimmy Haslam acknowledged that the team wasn’t so keen on giving up on the embattled player.

Manziel made nine appearances this past season, including six starts. He finished 2015 with 1,500 passing yards, seven touchdowns and five interceptions. He also ran for 230 yards on 37 carries.

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14 comments on “Police Investigate Dispute Between Johnny Manziel, Ex-Girlfriend

  1. I blame the media and the Cleveland Browns for everything negative that Johnny does. This argument him and his gf had shouldn’t even be a news story. It’s just a story the media wants to write to continue to bring Johnny down. The media hates seeing already rich people playing in the NFL. If it’s a positive story about Manziel nobody will read it that’s why the media only writes stories about the negative things about him. Its the same thing that’s happening to cam newton now. Cam made himself what he is today and the media hates it. The media wants to be the ones to make AND break players. For the most part they ruin players credibility by only writing negative stories.

    • baseballrat

      The “Media” didn’t call the police on Johnny, apparently someone else did. Blame the Police for letting it leak

    • bringinit247

      Tell us again how it’s the media’s fault that he historically makes really bad decisions?

    • Strauss

      He’s an ass that is pissing away millions of dollars each time he goes out of the house. You never hear of him helping the poor or going to hospitals. He’s a spoiled brat that was drafted by a dysfunctional organization with an owner who has no idea what he’s doing.

    • Brent Bentley

      OK Johnny – get off the comment section

  2. NYY42

    A. Dump this broad
    B. Smarten up

  3. GiveMeYourWorstProspects

    Have a few beers? Cut him. 30 painkillers per day? That’s ok.

  4. TJECK109

    It’s almost as if he doing everything he can to get out of Cleveland.

    • David

      Wouldn’t you ?

  5. Believe he’s really troubled. Not a bad kid altogether. But obviously has many demons coupled with little to no maturation-which of course is a must have to play the QB position in the NFL. It’s a shame because he’s got physical talent. Little talent though between the ears.

  6. Strauss

    What a bonehead! He and Haslam are a perfect pair. Both are Clueless.

  7. Brent Bentley

    Glad Minnesota passed on this self-destructive loser. He is a little manchild with no respect for others. Canadian football league might take a gamble on him or a 3rd QB in NFL. Nothing likeable about him

    • Frank

      Brent summed it up perfectly. Manziel is an obnoxious person. He is way overrated as a football player.

  8. Ethan Chamow

    “Potential victim” — what is a potential victim? Oh look, there’s a guy running with a knife at another guy, so the 2nd guy is a “potential” victim. And I guess all the other people on the block might also be “potential” victims.

    The reporting is that the ex-girlfriend sustained actual injuries, so that doesn’t sound very potential to me.

    Perhaps you meant ‘alleged’ victim?

    What happened here is that Manziel beat the crap out of his ex-girlfriend (allegedly). Fortunately, the bonus here is that there is a witness, so there’s none of the typical he said/she said that Manziel all too often seemed to hide behind.

    Can’t you imagine what the decent 99-plus percent of pro-football players think of a guy like this who feels he proves his manhood by beating a woman.


    By the way, Manziel’s drinking and/or drug problem is merely an explanation. It is not an excuse.


    Further, the police are investigating a crime. The media is reporting on it widely because it involves a rich kid who is known, and it’s the kind of story that sells. However, it’s silly to believe that the media causes Manziel to get high, and absurd to believe that the media causes him to beat a woman (repeatedly).

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