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The latest on Los Angeles:

  • The Rams‘ relocation bid contends that they have the best plan for both the city of Los Angeles and the NFL, as Sam Farmer and Nathan Fenno write of the Los Angeles Times write. “The Rams’ Inglewood project presents the league and all of the member clubs with the best opportunity for successful long-term operations in Los Angeles,” the application said. Of course, the Rams are going up against a joint bid from the Chargers and Raiders, who claim that their Carson plan projected to open in 2019 is the best choice. Although the developers at the Inglewood site have long said their stadium would be ready for the 2018 season, the Rams’ application targets 2019 as the proposed start date as well.
  • The L.A. Times duo points out that the Rams are looking for more than regular NFL dates to be held at their venue – they also want to host the Pro Bowl, NFL Combine, and other major league events. The Rams also argue that they have the strongest L.A. fan base of the three teams seeking to relocate. That’s a bold claim considering the proximity of Oakland and San Diego.
  • The mayor of St. Louis has fired back at the Rams’ comments in the application, as Nick Wagoner of writes. Some highlights of¬†Francis G. Slay’s comments on Twitter include:¬†“I’d rather blame the Rams for an unimaginative offense than for harsh words in a sales document,” and “Blame Kroenke. #kroenkecomplaints.
  • The Coliseum has been ID’s as a likely temporary site until a permanent L.A. stadium is built, but that venue has only committed to hosting one NFL team, Albert Breer of tweets. It is possible that the NFL would need a second temporary site in order to bring over a second team.
  • Every owner entering meetings in New York City today is adamant about voting next week and not pushing the relocation vote off any further, Kevin Acee of U-T San Diego tweets.
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9 comments on “Latest On Los Angeles Relocation

  1. Why is St. Louis upset at Kroenke? He brought the Rams to St. Louis in the first place. Now they’re getting a taste how the original Rams felt when Georgia F. and Kroenke left LA! I grew up a Rams fan and caught passes from Ferragamo when they came to our High School to work out, as their practice facility was across the street. With that said, the day the Rams moved to STL, I became a fan of their main Devision rival………….Go 49ers!

    • Sorry for the typo’s ; )

    • Well that simply makes you a trader. Supposed to stick with your team no matter what!

  2. Strauss

    I don’t care what team moves where but why L.A.? They’ve lost two teams already why would anyone risk going there?

  3. LAR2016

    I agree, The Rams do have the biggest fan base, and yes BOLD but true statement. We were all very upset when they left, but deep down 95% of us want them back. The Rams were Los Angeles’s team, Oakland moved in then out and the Chargers left 55 years ago. Those who have moved on and don’t want them back, get over it, we don’t need you back as a fan anyway. If the NFL really thinks a Carson option with the Raiders and Chargers is they way to go, they need to have their heads examined.

    I feel bad for Chargers fans, they have become my go to team since the Rams moved and those are great fans down there, but Ownership is suspect and something we don’t need here. But I suppose they will be one of the 2 teams.

  4. A Trader?! Ha! Do you know the history and true story of how Georgia F. got the Rams from Carroll Rosenblume? Also, why should a fan be loyal to a team that leaves their city/community? Are you from St. Louis? If so, are you must be a Arizona Cardinals fan by your logic.

    • Pdiddy

      …but any other team than the 9ners. Come on man

    • Yes, a trader! And yes I do know the story. Born and raised in OC, live walking distance from Angel Stadium. Been a Rams fan since day 1 and went to every home game the last 5 years they were here. A true fan sticks with their team no matter what! Yes I hated when they moved and hated GF a great deal but I love that helmet and always will NO MATTER WHAT!
      And like pdiddy said…any team but the 49ers cmon man!! Pick a AFC team at least!

  5. I know! But, that’s exactly why I picked the 9’ers. I was that upset the Rams left, I chose the team that was our bitter rival. I felt so betrayed by ownership when they went to STL.

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