Calvin Johnson Wants To Retire A Free Agent?

SUNDAY, 7:17pm: Megatron’s camp disputes the report money factors into the wideout’s retirement decision. A source close to Johnson informed’s Charles Robinson the All-Pro receiver’s merely deciding whether or not he wants to play football again. Robinson adds it may be several weeks before Johnson officially lets the Lions know if he’s done or not, even as the March 9 deadline looms.

SATURDAY, 6:40pm: Although nearly a month has passed since news broke of Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson‘s intention to retire, the 30-year-old hasn’t officially made a decision. Johnson still doesn’t want to play, according to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, who adds that it’s possible the nine-year veteran hasn’t retired yet because he would rather do so as a free agent than as a Lion. Calvin Johnson (vertical)

As Florio writes, if Johnson steps away from the game while under Lions control, he’ll still be theirs if he ever elects to make a comeback (he has four more years left on his current contract). If Detroit releases Johnson, though, he’ll be free to choose his next destination in the event of a return. Further, the Lions won’t be able to ask for Johnson to pay back his $3.2MM signing bonus if they cut him.

A resolution to Megatron’s situation is likely to come by March 9. If he retires or the Lions release him by that date, they’ll open up over $11MM in cap space for 2016. Otherwise, Johnson’s $15.95MM base salary and $24MM-plus cap number will go on the team’s books this year.

Johnson holds the Lions’ all-time franchise receiving marks in catches (731), yards (11,619) and touchdowns (83). Since leading the NFL with 122 receptions and 1,964 yards in 2012, the ex-Georgia Tech standout has experienced a dip in production. Nevertheless, he remained among the game’s most prolific wideouts last season, pulling in 88 receptions for 1,214 yards and nine scores.

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14 comments on “Calvin Johnson Wants To Retire A Free Agent?

  1. Bobby Sweet

    Literally a ploy to get released. He’s not retiring. If anything, he’ll take a year off.

  2. Dave4585

    Barry Sanders all over again. Nobody wanna play in Detroit

    • Terry foster

      Is Barry and Calvin the only NFL players to retire @ 30 or less? I don’t think so. It happens across the league. I would say Barry made the right choice. Most of the players that retired after him can’t even walk. Emmit can’t even put A full sentence together on live TV. Ask the Vikings why Robert Smith retired? How about Terrell Davis? Therman thomas retired @32 but was unproductive after 30(only played 9 games in 2000+1999). Do your research buddy!! The average career of all NFL player is 3.3 years (WR is 2.81) so Calvin 3x that.

  3. Sam Robinson

    Perhaps an Anthony Davis-type of situation, albeit a much higher-profile version, suits Megatron. Maybe a year off to hopefully heal nagging injuries. Seeing him with an upper-echelon quarterback in his early 30s would be fun.

  4. Jesse James

    Ain’t gonna happen we don’t need the cap space this yr!!!!!! I will bet my entire bank acct and house deed that Calvin either comes back(to detroit) for a year or 2 or he retires either way it will be in a lions uniform period!!!!! Also if you know calvin he doesn’t play games he is a true professional and will remain a lion and I’d actually be will in to bet if he decides to come and play he even does a Larry fitz type of paycut/renegotiation!!!!

    • bringinit247

      Someone’s a loyal Lion’s fan! You talk like y’all are personal friends… Like you and megatron are like bff’s! Lol!

  5. Terry foster

    Who cares? The lions want the cap space instead of a 30 year old often injured WR. The lions are willing to call his bluff. Ask Andre Johnson how his instant championship after leaving Huston is working out. Or Randy Moss for you patriot fans. The last Best WR of all time to win a SB is Jerry Rice over 20 years ago. Not many teams with the leagues best WR won the SB(T.O w/SF,Philly,Dallas),(Larry Fitzgerald) (Randy Moss, Chris carter /w the Vikings) (Andre Reed w/ Bills 4x) (Julio Jones) (Dez Bryant) However the teams with the best D usually do win the SB. Denver, Seattle, Baltimore, TB, ect. Even in a pass happy league Defense still wins the ships and Great WR is just a luxury. Glad to say Calvin is a lion but if he wants out don’t let the door hit ya where the lord split ya.

    • Veritas

      Try Odell Beckham, 2011

      • Eddie

        That makes no sense

      • ka_teague


    • jtworsley

      Weird, you forgot Marvin Harrison/Reggie Wayne, Torry Holt/Isaac Bruce and Michael Irvin

  6. He wants to play for the pats

  7. He will play for the pats

  8. Zero chance he plays again for da lions but being cut loose an resting his body for a year an working out to get his bad parts better I would bet the house

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