Raiders, Chiefs, 49ers In On Sean Smith

1:37pm: Peter King of tweets that the Chiefs, Raiders, and 49ers are still in on Smith. If Tafur’s morning report that four teams are in the running is accurate, that leaves one unknown club, though it’s possible Smith’s list of suitors has been narrowed down since then. Oakland has been mentioned most frequently as a landing spot for the cornerback, but it doesn’t appear any deal is imminent at this point.

9:19am: Sean Smith‘s market has been whittled down to the Raiders and three other clubs, Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle tweets. The market is currently set at $12MM/year for the cornerback’s services, Tafur adds. Sean Smith

The 49ers have also been tied to Smith, but it’s not clear if they’re one of the “three other clubs” in the mix for his services. Ditto for the incumbent Chiefs, though it was reported on Monday that KC had not reached out to him during the legal tampering period. Of course, it’s possible that the two sides connected on Tuesday.

Smith was ranked as the No. 9 overall free agent by PFR and considered to be the No. 2 available cornerback, behind Janoris Jenkins. With an even 100 regular-season starts under his belt, Smith is still just 28 years old. With so many other key defensive free agents to re-sign, the Chiefs appear willing to let Smith sign elsewhere, and considering the cornerback market isn’t overly deep, the former second-round pick should have no shortage of suitors.

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10 comments on “Raiders, Chiefs, 49ers In On Sean Smith

  1. We need u Sean , give the Raider’s a chance !

  2. charles

    come to the raiders man

  3. Don the News Retorter

    The Raiders are a PERFECT fit!! AND they have the $! Why stay with KC when they’re on the decline; losing key elements to free agency for the 2nd consecutive year or commit career SUICIDE in SF where virtually every valuable player has either left or is champing at the bit for their chance to get out of Dodge, there’s no talent at quarterback to run the depleted offensecand you’re almost CERTAIN to sustain a career-threatening injury on that horrible slap of uneven concrete that they call a playing field?

    The Raiders are on the rise & will take you to the promised land a very wealthy man (certainly a lot sooner than either of the other two prospective destinations will or the (cough) fledgling Rams EVER will!).

    Don’t become an NFL historical footnote after you vanish into utter anonymity in San Fran or KC; come to Oakland Sean and join a defense led by Khalil Mack, Rodney Hudson and now the legendary Bruce Irvin…

    …and “JUST WIN BABY”!!

    PS You’d look pretty awesome in a Silver & Black uni!!

    • aarongill

      Rodney Hudson isn’t on defense, Irvin is far from a legend, overpaid for osmele. At least KC and SF know where they will be playing for the next 25 years unlike the raiders who’s owner can’t make up his mind where to go!

      • Don Quinlan

        Sorry…of course he’s not! meant Ridney Hudson as a top free-agent acquisition by the Raiders over the past 2 seasons demonstrating management’s commitment to winning now & in the future. Thanks for pointing out the gaffe; should have proof-read prior to posting!

        I however take exception to your evidently undereducated assessment of Bruce Irvin; “not a legend”?? I beg to differ! His days in Seattle on Super Bowl-winning teams, his versatility to play pretty much anywhere on or behind the defensive line, his athleticism , renowned versatility & career sack totals MORE than qualify Irvin as as both a prospective career legend as well as an active one! “Overpaid for Osimele”?? You’re kidding right? He was EASILY the top offensive lineman on the free agency market and rated as high as #2 overall going into Monday’s “legal tampering” period! When will you stridently conservative fans of this game finally shake your antiquated notions about the price and the market value of free agents? The market is affected by a number of factors, not the least of which is demand (the Janorus Jenkins contract is definitive evidence of this); the market is what it is and players cost what they cost (which is not surprisingly more each off-season!). Furthermore, with fledgling franchises like the Jacksonville a Jaguars with the assets to outbid anyone in addition to being forced to overspend just to reach the cap floor and to attract prospective free agents to a team where the playoffs are far less of a likelihood in small markets where endorsement $ are limited at best, the market value for other UFAs at similar positions is going to inherently skyrocket! This happens each and every year yet there always seems to be that reactionary contingent eager to spout off about “overpaying”; an unavoidable reality in this modern-day NFL. Furthermore, if a team gets the player that they covet and he is the best fit, who cares how much they pay for his services? At the end of the day, if he plays extremely well & helps the team win, then he’s worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY! KO fits that profile as well as ANY player signed at the advent of free agency!

        • aarongill

          Irvin has had low sack numbers, partly because people were better than him, who knows how well he will do with pressure on him. He’s not the reason or even a main reason they won the super bowl. Seahawks have other players better than him, heck even malcom smith made a greater impact! 12 million for a guard is an overpay and he was ranked 18th out 77 tackles, don’t know the exact number for guard, but gabe Jackson was already solid and I wouldn’t have paid him more than 10.

  4. qbwrecker

    Come on to the red and gold, Sean. Can step in and be the dominant DB that we all know you are. 49ers can also offer the most money and have a very stable front office as opposed to that “other” Bay Area team.

    • J. Devereaux

      Did you really just say the 9ers have a stable front office?? HAHHAHHAHHAAA – GOOD ONE!

      • Dean737

        Ha! 9ers. pathetic.

    • 49ers stable front office. york is a idiot

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