Josh Norman Rumors: Thursday Evening

Earlier today, we learned that as many as ten teams have reached out to Josh Norman since he was effectively cut loose by the Panthers on Wednesday. So far, it has been reported that the Steelers, Buccaneers, Dolphins, 49ers, Washington, Jets, and Titans have called on the elite cornerback. However, the Steelers and Jets are reportedly only kicking the tires and don’t have serious plans to pursue the 28-year-old.

Here’s the very latest on Norman:

  • The Dolphins are likely out of the running for Norman, according to Cole (Twitter link).
  • Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff says the team is not interested in signing Norman, as D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution writes. “We are not going in that direction,” Dimitroff said.

Earlier Updates:

  • Norman has switched agents since having his franchise tag revoked by Carolina, Ian Rapoport of tweets. Norman has hired agent Ryan Williams of Athletes First to take lead on his contract. Agent Michael George will serve as his co-representative.
  • The Falcons are also in on Norman, Jason Cole of Bleacher Report tweets. He adds that the bidding for Norman is likely to go higher than Janoris Jenkins’ free agent deal of $62.5MM over five years.
  • The Panthers came close to not putting the franchise tag on Norman before the start of free agency, two sources tell Jason Cole of Bleacher Report (via Twitter).
  • Panthers general manager Dave Gettleman told reporters (including’s David Newton) that the more he and the staff talked, the less attractive a one-year tag for Norman became. He added that there is incentive in getting a compensatory pick as well.
  • Gettleman says the message sent to the Panthers by not keeping Norman is “we want people that were all in,” (via Newton). Ultimately, he says $13.9MM was too much.
  • The 49ers have interest in Norman, but they’d like to meet with him before diving into the market for him, a league source tells Matt Barrows of The Sacramento Bee.
  • Norman will approach free agency carefully, a source tells Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports (via Twitter). Norman will consider money, city, team makeup, coach, and ownership and attempt to pick the team which offers the best combination in those areas.
  • The Dolphins have $19.5MM in cap room, James Walker of (on Twitter) notes. Miami, in theory, has the kind of money to sign Norman, but they also have to find room to sign their rookie class.
  • A few teams have called on Norman in part to find out why the Panthers rescinded the franchise tag, Jeremy Fowler of tweets.
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34 comments on “Josh Norman Rumors: Thursday Evening

  1. Why do you use ‘Washington’ instead of Redskins ?

    • Gary333

      Because they’re trying to pander to the PC crowd…

      • UnanymousSuperBowler

        I see no reason for there to be such a racial unrest against redskins, they do,after all, have red skin. Its a fact not an insult or racial slur

        • That’s not where the term Redskin comes from… it was originally coined from the bloodied corpses of the Native Americans, after the settlers scalped there heads for bounties.

        • Phillip W

          I do not have Red Skin, it is Brown and I am Native American. However I am not offended by the name. Get some education.

        • Mike Lewis

          Really? What about blackskins, brownskins and yellowskins? Are those names ok in your book?

    • Trying to be politically correct. Should probably call all teams by only their location if they really want it PC but whatever.

    • txphi_991

      I didn’t even notice that but this Zach Links guy just lost all credibility from me

      • dwhitt3

        It’s not him. It’s everyone. Every post says “Washington”

      • weekapaug09

        I’m sure he’s pretty bummed about that. An anonymous racist on the Internet doesn’t like a minor change in wording? Better just pack it up and call it a career.

        • Jimmy mcquade

          So using there team nickname makes you a racist. This is what’s wrong with this country everyone’s gotten so thin skinned everything offends somebody suck it up buttercup it’s part of life

          • weekapaug09

            No, but being butthurt that someone opted not to use the term is a little weird. People are genuinely upset that many writers have decided to use the city name instead of a racial epithet. Like, it’s not that big of a deal. And yeah, I do think that demanding people use racist terms does come off a bit racist.

        • txphi_991

          I bet you use the womans restroom at target don’t you?

    • rkmarx

      It makes them feel like they’re making a difference. It’s insanely annoying!

      • CaptainSweatpants

        It just seems like there is no reason to offend anyone if you don’t have to. It’s not like he’s referring to them as the “Washington Football Club” or something dumb. I don’t have a strong opinion on this topic but there is no reason to get worked up because he avoided a controversial issue.

    • Keith ONeal

      The should use losers, that would be appropriate

    • Because some people get butthurt about the word redskin lol

    • dorfmac

      While you might not be offended by it, some people are. It’s not pandering, it’s just being a decent human being and doing what you can to NOT offend other people. Why go out of your way to offend someone if it’s just as easy to not offend someone?

    • jsloan

      So lame

  2. BadCo

    Wash supposedly only has 10.5 mil in space with a draft class to sign yet… Don’t see Mr Norman in PC Washington .. Just more BS

  3. BadCo

    “Redskins” have only been around for what 90 years… And a very proud and storied franchise… And some how we get racially motivated out of it all… 90 years people .. Go cry somewhere else please

  4. Thronson5

    Please Baalke, PLEASE finally get something right and I won’t dislike you as much as I do lol

  5. Burton73

    Why not just call them the “Skins” and take the red out completely. I think the term “Broncos” is racist towards horses and it should be changed to “Broncs”

  6. Buhmah

    I hope he joins the skins, haven’t they learned anything from the Albert Haynesworth signing…

    • jsloan

      As a small person I am offended by the term “Giants” and you shall now refer to them as New York/New Jersey

  7. madmanTX

    Why do you say “Redskins” instead of “those people who my ancestors murdered”? Potato potato.

    • Because if I said people my ancestors murdered nobody would know who I am talking about, but if I say redskins you immediately think of only one thing the NFL football team in Washington DC.

  8. Can the Bears sweep in an scoop up Norman , the bears are in need of a elite corner an they have the funds to get it done , I can see them in play making a last minute offer after the smoke clears with other offers, but to add him into an elite defense with the additions already in Chicago , this would be a major move in the right direction , plus it saves us a draft pick that we can add depth at WR or LB or maybe safety would be huge for the nfc bears….

  9. N8 DeGr8

    Well since you refer to my team as “The Washington”, I will be sure to have my fellow REDSKINS fans avoid using this website. #HTTR #OrIGuessHTTW lol

  10. I have to agree with the person that stated “call teams by their location’ ……..except there are 2 teams that play in new jersey ……so those teams would need an additional moniker….New Jersey green or NJ blue

  11. My2centzwurf

    I thought this story was about Josh Norman? Too many vultures on the Internet. Looking for dead flesh to eat. Wrier why not just use Pittsburgh, San Francisco, etc. Instead so these vultures have nothing to gather around and feed from? It’s now another discussion.

  12. Hunter

    I was hoping someone on the post had some insight to the Josh Norman rumors. Instead i come up here and everyone is talking about race issues, names, scalps, brownskin, clear skin acne….etc wtf. Who cares, don’t any of it affect any of you directly now or later so you must just enjoy wasting each others time. Since you’re all on the topic, just admit that racism exist outside of your own beliefs and it will be a start. Let somethings be because they are, we are all humans entitled to our own feelings, reason, and flaws. I do a lot of f’d up things i don’t find offensive to me, to others they don’t see my humor. SO! it’s mine! Redskin, blackskin, yellowskin, brownskin, paleskin. All the skins have f’d up individuals now what? Some more than others pick your category! Now can we Pleaseeee talk about some Football

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