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Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick remains unsigned, and with the veteran free agent and the Jets still engaged in a stand-off, Fitzpatrick has told people he would “rather not play football” than accept the Jets’ current offer, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.Ryan Fitzpatrick

Although Schefter’s report makes it sound as though Fitzpatrick would consider sitting out the 2016 season if he doesn’t get a satisfactory contract offer, Brian Costello of the New York Post (Twitter link) spoke to a source who says that’s not the case. According to Costello’s source, Fitzpatrick definitely wants to play.

Per the report, the Jets’ offer to Fitzpatrick remains in the $7-8MM-per-year range, while the veteran signal-caller is believed to be seeking upwards of twice that amount. At least one report has suggested that the Jets’ offer to Fitzpatrick is similar to the deal the Eagles gave Chase Daniel, which was worth $21MM over three years, but included another $15MM in incentives. However, it sounds as if Fitzpatrick wants New York to increase the base value of its offer, rather than counting on incentives that may not be met.

An 11-year veteran, Fitzpatrick is coming off the best season of his NFL career. The former seventh-round pick established new career highs by throwing for 3,905 yards and 31 touchdowns, and led the Jets to a 10-6 record, just narrowly missing a playoff berth.

With the Jets and Fitzpatrick apparently not making any progress, the club continues to mull its fallback options as the draft approaches. Although Fitzpatrick is the priority, the Jets recently brought in Brian Hoyer for a visit, and could use the draft to address the quarterback position. We should have a better idea in another 48 to 72 hours about where the team’s quarterback situation stands.

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5 comments on “Latest On Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jets

  1. bryan

    you fail to mention he has never put a season together like last year and the only reason he did so was because of his WR’s saving him time and time again. You also fail to mention he single-handedly cost the Jets a chance at playing in the playoffs. Let this guy walk. Not worth the money he wants, which no team will pay a 33 year old QB with his skill.

  2. You guys are churning too many articles out today. This isn’t MLB trade rumors… the readership isn’t as strong lol.


    Any NFL QB is made by good receivers. Aikman ? Fitzpatrick is crazy, he should take money and run because chances are his career season is behind him. Jets should trade a 2 to Niners for Kaepernick. He wants to be there and he can be good if he wants to be but was disgruntled in San Fran. Jets could get him cheaper than Fitzpatrick probably.


    I wish people had better ways to spend their time going to articles they don’t want to read just to take time to complain that they are there. The rest of us don’t want to waste our time reading ridiculous complaints. On my computer I get to pick the stories that I want to read about 3 sports and wish they would add NHL as a fourth option for articles. Use the app and you can just select the baseball stories and can stop filling up comment section with garbage complaints.

  5. marshmallowman

    agree with bryan. i can’t fathom how so many (from people i talk to/stuff i read) think the jets NEED to re-sign fitzpatrick. he’s a career medicore at best qb who had one fluke season at 33! guy wants superstar money and should be thankful if he’s offered 5 mil to be a backup. jets need to somehow draft a qb, trade for one, or tank next season and see what happens.

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