Reshad Jones Considering Season-Long Holdout?

About a month ago, Dolphins safety Reshad Jones made it clear that he wasn’t happy with his current contract. While the 28-year-old was set to make $7.2MM this upcoming season and $7.1MM in 2017, he was instead seeking a deal that would pay him upwards of $10MM annually. The last we heard, the Dolphins weren’t particular eager to hand out a new contract to Jones.

Reshad Jones (vertical)Fast forward a couple weeks later, and Jones is now considering a season-long holdout. According to Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Jones is considering sitting out the entire 2016 campaign if he doesn’t receive a new contract. The Dolphins’ mandatory minicamp will begin on June 14th, which could provide clarity on whether Jones is serious about his threat.

As Mike Florio of writes, Jones will be giving up $425,176.47 for each week he misses this upcoming season. The defensive back would also be responsible for paying back $950K worth of signing bonus money. As our own Zach Links previously pointed out, Jones’ four-year, $28MM contract makes him the highest-paid strong safety in the league, although that salary doesn’t rank in the top-five among all safeties.

The former fifth-round pick’s absence would certainly impact the Dolphins defense. Jones had a career-year in 2015, compiling career-highs in tackles (135), passes defended (10), and interceptions (five).

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24 comments on “Reshad Jones Considering Season-Long Holdout?

  1. MiamiPhins34

    The selfishness of most athletes is unreal

    • Dave4585

      Yup, he’s been a solid player and coming off a good year and now he’s gonna hold out bc he wants 3 mil more a year. Football is the worst with this, Steph Curry makes like the 60th most amount of money in the NBA and he didn’t hold out after last season

      • He’s already one of the highest paid safeties. Complete selfishness.

      • wow how dirty the nfl is you cant complain about player getting his money now before they feel like your no good anymore and cut you

    • Yes, definitely but he’s bluffing and will absolutely not hold out even for a day. If he does he’s a fool to lose more money because he’s for sure not going to make any more money! That’s all these guys can do is bluff unless they’re just willing to not make anything because even if he was released nobody would pay him any more than he’s making now and even if somebody would they probably couldn’t because most teams don’t have the cap space or wouldn’t want to waste that much cap space on a safety! His only option is to lose money or play because he’s not getting an extension or a raise in salary!

    • Darry

      Dumb as hell of a statement. The NFL team are the REAL selfish ones. Players should holdout more often.

  2. Shawn

    This guy kills me, he already held out 2 years ago for a new contract and got it. Not to mention he is the highest paid SS in the nfl already. He is a very good football player but go ahead and sit out a year. That would mean he would get fined, lose game checks, and this year would not count and would carry over to next year, so he would have to hold out again and no way he would do that so get over yourself and go to work!

  3. Carlton

    NO!!! Let him lose the money sit out this year if he wants! If he wants to come back with salary as it is, fine! HONOR the contract YOU signed!!

  4. SheilaGBrewer

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  5. Reshad Jones needs to get over himself and get to work or the Dolphins should release him. He’s proving he’s the type of selfish player that lacks real leadership ability. That type of player rarely wins Championships.

    • It’s the Dolphins. 5, 6 wins max. He would probably love a shot at the playoffs. Never gonna happen with that organization.
      Jones is one of the best safeties in the game on the worst D in football. He is a championship caliber player, the Dolphins are a garbage franchise, don’t blame him at all. Fins up!

  6. Doesn’t want to play on the worst secondary in football maybe?

  7. Jon G

    I love Reshad Jones…he is an impact player. However if he wants to sit out, next man up

    • Zach G

      I agree with you

  8. He’s so FOS it’s unbelievable! Come on man! He’s not going to hold out the entire season and if he does he’s an idiot! I’m sure the Dolphins would be glad to have him pay back a little less than a million and not have to pay his salary so they can sign Whitner who is a downgrade but not enough to renegotiate with Jones! These guys are idiots! I’m all for players getting as much money as they can when they can as free agents but he’s not and he’s well paid especially since he’s the highest paid player for his position for the next two years! didn’t he see what happened to Cam Chancellor who’s another idiot that lost a lot of money only to come running back and he actually had a little more of a gripe if any since he was getting paid about half of what Jones was making!

  9. USMC U signed the mother f—ing contract! shut up and play ball!!!

    • Dork.

  10. Jay Dawg

    Jones is a distraction from moving ahead this season. He has a contract, if he won’t play under it – cut him or trade him. A contract is a BINDING agreement, Mr. Jones – You’re NOT that special

  11. Big Ron

    NFL contracts are not guaranteed, and fans are the biggest hypocrites. If a guy underperforms his contract or gets banged up and doesn’t play well or often the team will NOT honor the contract and cut him. Fans say, hey it’s a business, and move on. Yet if a guy outperforms his contract he’s greedy for wanting more money. So the team can kill the contract and throw the player on the street, but the player can’t try to get more value? NFL players are one play away from a career ending injury in this sport, so I really don’t have a problem with a guy holding out

  12. Dolphin Derrick

    No team should be held hostage by a player ,if player signs contract he should play out tbe contract ,unless team wants to give him a raise. That’s the way it works in the real world

  13. Well, let’s start getting another Safety ready, he will lose all that money and respect.

    • Buster

      Not sure why he’s playing it this way he’s got a more then fair deal. Holding out will devalue and cost him money off whatever his next one is owners etc, take not dumb move with two years left plus signing bonus of almost a mill to lose.

  14. Bunko Bennie

    When it comes to athletes and contract disputes I am usually on the side of the athlete (especially if it is the NFL) but in this case Jones would be an idiot to sit out the season. This is not a guy who is on a cheap rookie deal who has outperformed his contract and should be rewarded for it. Jones is already making 7 million/yr and is the highest paid SS in the league.

  15. PhinPhan

    His agent does not know the meaning of “leverage” apparently. Vance Joseph’s system is about development of new talent. If he sits out, besides money, the Dolphins organization will be compelled to get draft picks for him. Obviously, he would be traded to team outside of the division, likely causing him to fall deep on someone else’s depth chart. Why? Because that team will also be looking for a future safety and Jones would be considered a transitional player. Transitional players get one-year deals. Be careful Jones or you could be the next “remember when . . . ah. . . what’s he name used to play . . . oh I can’t remember his name.”

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