Browns Seeking High Draft Pick For Josh McCown

Should we cross another name off of the Vikings’ list of possible quarterback targets? The Browns are demanding “a high draft pick” in order to part with veteran Josh McCown, Mary Kay Cabot of reports. Josh McCown (vertical)

When the Cowboys were showing interest in McCown earlier this summer, it was said that the Browns were seeking a fourth-round selection while Dallas was unwilling to part with anything higher than a sixth-round choice. Neither side budged and the talks quickly cooled off. Now, it sounds like that asking price may have increased a bit.

The Browns are not inclined to trade McCown since they are worried about RGIII suffering another major injury. McCown has also been acting a mentor towards RGIII and rookie Cody Kessler. The exact asking price on McCown is unknown, but Cabot writes that it is likely more than the Vikings are willing to pay.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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9 comments on “Browns Seeking High Draft Pick For Josh McCown

  1. Minnesota4Life


  2. bleacherbum

    Minnesota needs to call Mike Vick

    • Mike Vick

      No they don’t I have nothing left. Have you watched me the last couple of years?

      • bleacherbum

        Game manager. Put it in AP’s belly, don’t turn the ball over. He could do that.

        • bucsfan

          Except he tried that with Leveon Bell and still lost games.

        • 4 Orr

          Love AP but saying he won’t turn the ball over is denying history

  3. cleonjones

    What nonsense. The Browns will be lucky to get a fifth rounder. Bunch of smoke. The Browns are a comedy show.

  4. Polish Hammer

    Cleveland is even dumber than thought if they don’t sell at this time. What good is keeping a backup like him in case RG3 gets hurt? They’ll be 4-12 with RG3, does it really matter if they don’t have him as a backup? Take a 5th and call it a day!

    • Kevin

      You guys are Nuts. The Browns could end up at 7-9 or something like that. Why not keep McCown around, he’s a good quarterback on a terrible team.

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