Chargers, Joey Bosa Talking Again

After weeks of silence, the Chargers are once again talking with Joey Bosa‘s team in an effort to get his rookie contract signed, sources tell USA Today’s Jarrett Bell. It’s not clear if the two sides have made real progress towards an agreement, however. Joey Bosa

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The Chargers have been insistent on Bosa accepting offset language in his deal that would take them off the hook in the event that he would be released before the scheduled conclusion of the deal. The Bolts are also pushing for part of Bosa’s signing bonus to be deferred. Bosa’s reps say that they will not accept both of those terms, particularly since four of the players to go in the top 10 of this year’s draft will receive most or all of their signing bonuses in 2016.

In order for Bosa to agree to offset language, agent Todd France reportedly wants the Chargers to pay all ~$17MM) of his bonus this year. San Diego, meanwhile, would rather wait until next March to dole out a “significant portion” of the bonus. At last check, the Chargers want to give Bosa roughly 61 percent of his signing bonus during this calendar year, which is the same payout schedule the Cowboys agreed to with fourth overall selection Ezekiel Elliott, who was Bosa’s teammate at Ohio State and went one pick after him.

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10 comments on “Chargers, Joey Bosa Talking Again

  1. Surprisingly a Bucks Fan

    SD needs to quit trying to screw him over

    • bigjonliljon

      No…. Boss needs to sign the deal and get to camp. What has he proven as a pro? Absolutely nothing. Spoiled brat who needs to worry about making a name for himself in the nfl before worrying about small details

    • How are they screwing him over? Either way he’s getting his money. The issue is essentially two parts. Full signing bonus now, or most of it now and the rest next year (which shouldn’t be a problem unless Bosa does something crazy this next season to somehow lose it). The other issue is offset language which I also find to be a ridiculous issue. Even if the Chargers cut him, Bosa still gets paid. The offset language just means that if Bosa gets cut, he can’t “double dip” and get paid by two teams at the same time. While I can understand Bosa’s stance mainly revolving around the fact that most of the other top 10 picks signed a contract similar to what he is asking for…what’s the harm for Bosa’s side to lower their demands a bit and sign a contract that is more in line with the Chargers stance? If money is not an issue for Bosa (because of his family’s wealth) then why do the underlying issues all point back to money?

    • slpdajab55

      I find it tough to buy in to “screwing him over”. These athletes are spoiled punks. Really, the money we are talking about he needs to sign his contract then shut up and play. It’s a privilege to play this sport professionally and get paid crazy money. Then you have people paid less than 1 game check for an annual salary doing real work saving lives. What they do is entertainment, not mission critical to anything we really do in life.

    • Strauss

      Chargers ownership is now worse than Clevelands.

  2. DrizzyDre5

    Man what an idiot! Over bonus money that your still going to get!

  3. charlienutlikka

    he is all about the money, sad

  4. Kevro2139


  5. Bosa is a spoiled little rich kid – play the spoiled little rich kid game. SD would be wise to let the punk sit and find work elsewhere next season.

  6. csa00000

    He’s already proving what type of player he is. It’s all about me, and not about the team.

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