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This week, the NFL interviewed Packers linebackers Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers and Steelers linebacker James Harrison with regards to the allegations raised in the infamous Al Jazeera documentary. During those interviews, the league did not raise any new evidence or allegations, a source close to the situation tells Dan Graziano of Clay Matthews/Julius Peppers (vertical)

After weeks of will they/won’t they talk, the three players consented to interviews with the league office under threat of suspension. Peyton Manning was the first player of the bunch to agree to an interview and free agent Mike Neal stands as the last straggler.

If the league has no further proof of anything tying these players to the Guyer Institute, then a statement clearing all three of them could be forthcoming.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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7 comments on “Latest On Harrison, Matthews, Peppers

  1. davidknigge

    They will never be cleared. How long was Lance Armstrong cleared? And now, after making statements, all that has to happen is be caught in a lie.

    • TJECK109

      But yet Manning was cleared… Or are you saying even if they are cleared by the NFL we will find out years from now that Manning was using HGH?

    • madmanTX

      So an unproven allegation is automatically true? Better hope nobody ever accuses you of anything then.

  2. BelindaEHouse

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    • TJECK109

      Try hitting up Peyton Manning… He’s not up to much these days. I bet he would do it for $18 an hour.

    • Sheep8

      Sweet deal!! After I finish contacting his Nigerian Prince that emailed me, I will follow up with you!!

    • madmanTX

      Hah. I’m making $89.01 an hour working from your home. I win.

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