Bears’ Jay Cutler “Pushing To Play” Sunday

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is angling to play on Sunday night against the Cowboys, according to Jason La Canfora of (Twitter link), who adds that Cutler is “politicking” coaches in an effort to suit up. However, given that the initial reports following Cutler’s thumb injury indicated that he’d miss two or three weeks, it’s probably a longshot that he could return to the field so soon.Jay Cutler (vertical)

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Cutler hurt this thumb in the Bears’ season opener against the Texans. He played through the pain in Week 2 against the Eagles, but he wound up making the problem worse. Now, the Bears will use Brian Hoyer under center under Cutler is ready to take the field again.

With Hoyer starting, Chicago promoted former Eagles draft pick Matt Barkley from its practice squad to the active roster. He’ll backup Hoyer until Cutler can return, and then likely be sent back to the taxi squad.

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24 comments on “Bears’ Jay Cutler “Pushing To Play” Sunday

  1. Mikel Grady

    Cowboys pushing for him to play as well

  2. J.M. Hall

    Oh for the love of God. Please Bears, start Brian Hoyer. I don’t think that I can stand another week with Cutler. Hoyer, I guess is a viable option(?).

    • J.M. Hall

      …I would also like to see Barkley play as well. I think he could be good as well.

    • Skol72


    • Skol72

      lol, I agree

    • James7430

      Lol. Hard to believe you would say such a thing but you’re absolutely right as sad as that is!

  3. Mikel Grady

    Would like to see them play both seeing what they have . Let cutler walk after season ends

  4. Sweet Home Chicago

    I wish Bears fans would see how tough Cutler is to try to play, but they won’t. It messes with their narrative that he refuses to play through pain.

  5. Skol72

    Cutler is too careless with the ball. they need to get back to what has made them great over the years. a quarterback that doesnt need to win them games but to only manage them and get back to a dominant defense with running game

    • Steven P. Trower

      those days are over in the NFL

      • Uh @Steven how did the Broncos win the super bowl last year? The bigger issue is the Bears really don’t have any position of strength, making it hard to win anywhere on the football field.

        • Don't be naive

          Just an FYI last year Denver had the 17th best rushing attack the Bears were 11th. To make matters worse they had at least five games last year where their leading rusher was held below 50yards. Denver won because they had a great defense and a QB, who happens to be the best audible caller the league has ever seen.

  6. 7 years one playoff win is not getting it done even

  7. Don't be naive

    When was the last time a back-up quarterback took any team to the Super Bowl, great defense or not. Running game or not. It doesn’t happen. You need a good to great defense but you also need a good to great offense. Look at the chiefs they are a team that resembles almost exactly what you want. They have a good head coach, a good running back and running game, and a good/great defense. Alex Smith is the QB you want if you want someone to MANANGE the game. And what has this done for the chiefs nothing. Look at Carolina they had a great defense the best actually in the league. A really good running game but because they didn’t have a QB who could step up and make a play against a top ten defense they got humiliated. I’m personally tired of these sh***y seasons that the Bears have been putting together but I can guarantee you Cutler if given the same team would lead us to a super bowl. Cutler makes these bone head mistakes because he doesn’t always have a team that can make plays around him. He has to force stupid 25/75 balls in the air and just hope his teammates can make a play. If you don’t mind losing for the next few more years start a petition and kick him out. But right now he is our best option like it or not he gives us the best chance of not being a bottom feeder team.

    • tjdchi

      Amen. As a life long Bears fan, I think it’s laughable how much vitriol is directed towards Cutler. News flash, he’s not Joe Montana. His supporting cast through the years (o line, defense, receivers) has been awful. Period. Does he make boneheaded mistakes? Hell yeah he does, but that doesn’t mean he sucks. Whoever the assclown is above that is begging for Brian Hoyer should be banned from all forums. Moron.

      • Sweet Home Chicago

        Naive and tjdchi, thank you for your comments. I was beginning to feel like I was all alone in the way I felt about our QB situation.

    • Skol72

      I disagree, the Pats are winning with their 2nd and 3rd string quarterbacks.

      • Sweet Home Chicago

        The Pats of the past 15 years will also go down as one of the best dynasties in all of football. Pointing to them shows things are possible, but it doesn’t mean any team can bring a guy up FROM THE PRACTICE SQUAD, who was just cut from another team during pre-season and expect to win games with them.

  8. The only difference in middle of the road and bottom feeder is your draft pic.I am not a Cutler basher but he does not get the job done period way to inconsistent and dues not protect the ball

  9. Don't be naive

    You still don’t understand do you? Winning in the regular season is pointless if you can’t win in the postseason. Point blank. And draft picks mean nothing without using them correctly. Don’t believe me see Cleveland. And unfortunately no matter how well we draft now it does help that we have one player drafted by us from before 2013. That’s just plain sad.

    • Skol72

      are you saying its Bears management and coaching that is the problem? I get what your saying but look at it this way. the Broncos traded cutler to the Bears and the 2 quarterbacks they stuck with to replace him was Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow. so management for the Broncos knew about Cutler and his issues

  10. Don't be naive

    Management began making questionable decisions since the whole Gabe Carimi gaffe. And that’s why they were shown the door. And a big reason that we find ourselves so low on talent now. Because like I said previously only one of our players is “homegrown”. To your point about the broncos they actually turn the picks we sent them into LB Robert Ayers, WR Demerius Thomas, and QB Tim Tebow who they believed would be their fresh new start to QB. It’s nice to look back in hindsight and say hey the broncos traded away cutler for two below par QB, one who is embarrassing himself playing minor league baseball, but let’s remember he was a two time champion out of Florida and a Heisman winner and if the broncos spent a first round pick on a QB they would trade away later for I think a sixth round pick. It’s not the Bears brass we need to be worried about. And that’s not even the reason cutler was traded. To be clear cutler requested a trade after their first year head coach made an attempt to acquire Matt Cassel after his 11-5 or whatever season replacing tom Brady. And the Bears were one of several teams in the hunt for cutler FYI

    • Skol72

      I agree. im with you. thanks dont be naive

  11. To all the people that are saying we should give are two backups a chance …there’s a reason that Cutler starts it’s because he’s better than they are when you think about the revolving door at offense of when you think about the revolving door at offensive of coordinator and at the skill positions that surround him it is seven years at Chicago it’s remarkable what he’s done and at the skill positions that surround them it’s remarkable what he’s done but what he hasn’t done is gotten his team consistently to the playoffs and that will always land with the quarterback whether it’s fair or not

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