Browns To Part Ways With Josh Gordon

It appears that Josh Gordon has played his final snap for the Browns. Cleveland intends to part ways with Gordon after his latest setback has him going back to rehab, according to’s Dan GrazianoJosh Gordon (vertical)

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Gordon was set to return to the Browns after sitting out the first four games of this season, but he announced yesterday that he is stepping away from football for the time being in order to enter an in-patient rehab facility. Gordon is one of the most talented receivers in the game today, but he can’t be much use to the Browns if he is not able to take the field. The Browns have been patient with the troubled athlete for a long time, but they say that they feel that they can no longer wait for him to get his act together.

This will be Gordon’s second rehab stint of 2016 as he also reportedly entered rehab during the offseason. It’s possible that Gordon violated the substance abuse policy again and that would result in more discipline from the league office.

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9 comments on “Browns To Part Ways With Josh Gordon

  1. sdr16

    Sign him patriots

  2. Thronson5

    If he can go to rehab and get his life together I’d love for the 9ers to sign this guy. We need WR help bad! We also need a QB but would at least be a good start to helping us get the pieces we need. I really hope we draft a QB or do something next off season because Gabbert and Kaepernick just aren’t the guys we need running the offense. Get this guy though. It would be a slgood start if he can stay on the field and get It together. Even if he doesn’t come to SF I do hope he learns from his mistakes finally and gets his life together. He could have a bright future in the NFL and it would be a shame to see it just washed away because of stupid crap like he keeps pulling

    • aarongill

      We can use all the help we can get, but Chip isn’t a guy who likes guys who have trouble off the field.

  3. DarkGhost

    Best place for him in the league is defiantly Arizona. Although New England is a close 2nd. But if there is one place that will give him the best shot at getting his life together it’s Arizona. Look at what they have done with Honey Badger and Nkemdichi (or however you spell his name) they have a track exits if taking guys with character/off the the field issues and ironing them out. Many people forgot that honey badger was one of the bugged character risks taken in the draft in recent years, kicked off the lsu team arrested multiple times, had therapy for split personality disorder. Get picked by the cardinals and haven’t heard anything negative about him in 4 years. Arians is a great leader and keeps it real all the time. They have solid veterans like Fitzgerald, Palmer, Peterson that can help guide Gordon, especially Fitz because they play the same position. He will be surrounded by guys that will support him but also hold him accountable at the same time. Mostly importantly he’ll have somebody like honey badger that has gone through what he is going through. And finally he will get out of Cleveland which can only be a positive for him.

  4. Polish Hammer

    Doesn’t matter, he’s not getting in trouble because of Cleveland, he’s getting in trouble during the offseason or when he not around his team due to suspension.

  5. Giants51

    Head case never got it…..

  6. FubarGuy

    EAGLES take projects like this!

  7. justinkm19

    He’ll be a Cowboy

  8. ruckus727

    His career is over. You can’t trust this guy. He’s a cancer to have around the rest of your team. As talented as he is, no team should take a shot on this guy. He’s always one misstep from a year suspension. Tigers never, or very very rarely change their stripes. It’s a damn shame but he’s responsible for his own choices. He could’ve been one of the greats. Instead he’s just a wasted talent. Good luck off the field, Josh. I sincerely mean that. On the field, I hope I never have to hear your name again because frankly I am sick and tired of hearing about you and your circus side show.

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