Bills HC Rex Ryan To Keep His Job – For Now

The Bills shocked the football world today when they canned offensive coordinator Greg Roman. Of course, after the matador defense displayed by Buffalo last night, many are wondering why Rex Ryan is not being held accountable. For now, it doesn’t sound like he is on the chopping block. The Bills are considered to be “his team” and he “has the full support of the ownership,” Ian Rapoport of hears (on Twitter). Rex Ryan (vertical)

All offseason, speculation was rampant that Rex and brother Rob Ryan would be ushered out of town if the Bills failed to make the playoffs this year. The Ryan brothers are far from secure if they do not reach the postseason, but it doesn’t sound like they’re going to be dismissed mid-season.

In Ryan’s first season at the helm, the Bills went 8-8. After Thursday night’s loss, Ryan’s all-time head coaching record stands at 54-60. The Bills, meanwhile, have the longest playoff drought in the NFL at 16 seasons.

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10 comments on “Bills HC Rex Ryan To Keep His Job – For Now

  1. Nick Ottino

    Fire this boob and get someone who is at least competent. He can take his defense destroying brother with him to the unemployement line.

    • charlienutlikka

      right on!!!

  2. vinman66

    Thank you bills for picking up the JETS garbage

  3. korleone74

    so the OC gets fired after putting up 31 without Watkins, and Lt Glenn…but the D gives up 37 and the Ryan boys keep their gigs….F’n BS!!!

  4. CodyGadbois

    U score 31 points and fire the OC…okay then

  5. julyn82001

    Raiders fan here… But didn’t know the Ryan brothers were so bad… It’s all about winning not the inverse… Always…

  6. ib6ub9

    hire Jim then all three brothers can watch the bills lose together

  7. Ravens_Last_Place

    Rex – good DC, bad HC.

    Rob – bad DC, maybe a good position coach?

    If they want to find success and stay in the NFL, they both need to take on less and take a step back. They’re definitely getting fired after this year. Buffalo is a mess. Not just bad coaching, but bad personnel and bad drafting/signing. They need a new GM too.

  8. Giants51

    What a piece of work…… All mouth no results

  9. Skol72

    fired the wrong coach. Management should be held acctountable to the Bills fans

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