Reactions To Sam Bradford Trade

Eagles GM Howie Roseman says that his plan wasn’t to trade Sam Bradford this offseason, but, “circumstances change” (Twitter link via Dave Zangaro of It’s true, plans can change pretty rapidly when a team offers a massive haul for your quarterback and you have two more waiting in the wings.

On Saturday, the Vikings made Roseman & Co. an offer they could not refuse, sending first- and fourth-round picks to Philly in exchange for the former No. 1 overall pick. Here’s a look at some of today’s reactions to the surprising deal:

  • Roseman says the Eagles didn’t call any teams about Bradford and teams called them (Twitter link via Eliot Shorr-Parks of I’m inclined to believe Roseman. At this stage of the offseason, just about every team has their quarterback situation settled. When Teddy Bridgewater went down with his gruesome leg injury, Roseman surely knew that a Vikings call was just around the corner. By waiting for Minnesota’s inquiry instead of taking an active role, Roseman maintained his leverage.
  • Vikings general manager Rick Spielman indicated that having the option of keeping Bradford in 2017 played a role in acquiring him from the Eagles, tweets Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press. Presumably, that’s because the nature of Bridgewater’s injury means he might not be back to start next season.
  • Spielman was also adamant that Minnesota did not “mortgage the future” with this trade (Twitter link per Tomasson), and reiterated that the Vikings still have eight picks in next year’s draft, per Ben Goessling of (Twitter link).
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22 comments on “Reactions To Sam Bradford Trade

  1. A first and a fourth round pick! For Bradford! Screams desparation move by GM. They would have been better off sifting the waiver wire.

    • Ravens_Last_Place

      Yep. Roseman got away with highway robbery. This is a horrible move by MIN. totally pathetic.

    • You all have to understand, giving up a starting QB 1 week before the season, is going to cost you a 1st round pick; I don’t care if it’s Tannehill, that’s the price.

  2. ib6ub9

    Good trade for eagles they will get 1st pick in next year when vikings finish dead last. Vikings could have got a bad QB for nothing (Sanchez ) and got a good QB in daft with 1st over-all pick. Good job of running the team Speilman

    • brapp33

      The Vikings won’t even get last in the NFC north. Lions are still the Lions and my beloved Bears may in fact be garbage.

    • Chris

      That makes no sense. Why would the Vikings spend a first round pick for a quarterback when their future is teddy. Bradford is a good quarterback and will help the Vikings contend. The window for winning a sb is small in the nfl and the Vikings are built to win now

      • bucnole31658

        Teddy may never play again…..his knee injury isn’t a normal acl injury….if he does it may be 18-24 months….id bet he is never the same again

  3. chris

    I like the trade for Bradford because that pick would have been a late first round anyways the Vikings are built to win now with AP and the defense. All Bradford is control the game and hand off the ball to AP

    • AngelsintheTroutfield

      Agreed. Bradford has been quite good in the games he’s played (10th rated passer by PFF I think) and will only benefit from a line that can protect him and a running game that he can heavily lean on. I expect Minnesota to be pretty damn good and the Eagles to benefit from that. Could very well turn that 4th rounder into a 3rd (or miraculously a 2nd)

  4. This was both desperate and stupid. Yes, without Bridgewater their season was basically lost. However, bringing in Bradford was a terrible decision for several reasons. Giving up a 1st and 4th draft choice makes a bad choice a horrible choice.

    Bradford is injury prone and has had multiple severe injuries already. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t make it through the season. Even if he does stay healthy he has proven to be a very over rated qb. He doesn’t move well. He isn’t accurate. He is a turnover waiting to happen. He is not a leader at all. He also doesn’t like competition and WA S whining and demanding a trade when they drafted Wentz who was likely to sit for at least a year. To give up a first round pick does hurt the future. Bad decision, especially since Bradford will have poor quality of play even if he does stay healthy.

    • hdtrip

      Not accurate?!? Bradford set the Eagles franchise record for completion percentage in 2015 (65.0%)

      • pittfan

        And in 2014 Sanchez in the same offense was at 64.1. They could have had him for free. Also, Shaun Hill, already on the roster and familiar with the offensehas better career comp%, Y/A, TD/INT ratio, passer rating. I’m not saying Shaun Hill is good. I’m saying you could have had other comparable options at a better price.
        Bradford is a mediocre, injury prone QB. Terrible trade.

      • MIcool

        Just because he had a high completion percentage it doesn’t mean he is completely accurate, don’t forget he threw a high amount of interceptions. From my memory he wasn’t exactly throwing the ball

  5. Great trade. Now start Chase Daniel he is the best you have and is better then most teams starters. Don’t rush the rookie this is a huge change. From North Dakota!

    • Polish Hammer

      Chase Daniel is a bun and showed absolutely nothing this preseason.

  6. drum18

    Hope the Vikings do really well meaning Philly’s first-round pick is somewhere between 27 and 32.

  7. Chuck

    Teddy sucks. Vikes haven’t had s franchise Qb since Tarkenton. Bradford hasn’t been with a team this good in his career. I have never been so exited as I am now as a Vikings fan. And honestly, if Bradford gives us an average year then we did well. What is the guarantee that a first rounder will give us anything? teddy may not come back. Either to the Vikings or football. Besides, who else is out there for QBs? Sure cheap. But we already have Hill which honestly is fully capable of matching Teddys mediocracy.

    • ib6ub9

      He will get hurt in first couple weeks and they gave up the 1st pick next year. Not smart

  8. WazBazbo

    “Vikings general manager Rick Spielman indicated that having the option of keeping Bradford in 2017 played a role in acquiring him from the Eagles, tweets Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press. Presumably, that’s because the nature of Bridgewater’s injury means he might not be back to start next season.”

    Yes, Bradford has been a stellar example of a “16 games per season” QB…

  9. DarkGhost

    Good trade for both sides. Vikings get a Starting QB that is better than any other option they had. Bradford has targets to throw to like Digs and Treadwell and most importantly he is gong to be handing the ball off 25 times a game to a future hall of famer in AP. A good run game and solid can make up for a deficiency at quarter back.

    The Eagles get rid of Bradford who wanted out anyway and they get a 1st round pick and 4th round pick which will help them gain back some of what they game up to get Carson Wentz.

  10. March

    We won’t know till the season starts but as a Viking I’m excited

    • ib6ub9

      what position do you play on the team

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