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Some in the Vikings organization are “privately upset” that running back Adrian Peterson opted to undergo surgery on his torn meniscus rather than play through the injury, according to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report (video link). Per Cole’s sources, a few of Peterson’s teammates believe he could have continued performing in spite of the tear, but the “top” of the franchise — presumably the front office and/or ownership — are accepting of Peterson’s decision, and are hoping the veteran back returns in 2017.NFL: Minnesota Vikings at St. Louis Rams

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While management may want Peterson back next season, Cole did make it clear the the club wants him back “under a new contract,” which makes sense given that he’s set to count for an untenable $18MM on the salary cap. The Vikings could clear out that entire total by releasing Peterson, as he has no prorated signing bonus or guaranteed base salary remaining. A new deal that lowers his cap charge is probably the only avenue by which Peterson could return.

Peterson’s teammates may believe that he could have played through his tear, but there’s been no indication that that is the case. Instead, a pair of surgeons yesterday told Chris Tomasson of the Pioneer Press that had Peterson opted to have the injured portion of his meniscus removed rather than repaired, he could have returned to the field in weeks, not months. But doing so could have presented problems for Peterson later in his career and during his post-football life, as such a procedure can lead to arthritis in the knee.

Peterson, 31, missed the majority of the 2014 season but bounced back last year to run for 1,485 yards and 11 touchdowns. He also added 30 receptions for 222 yards.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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17 comments on “Latest On Adrian Peterson, Vikings

  1. Fischer

    I’m a Vikings fan and I would like to have AP on the field for us this season but I can’t fault a guy for electing to have the surgery that is healthier for his knee long term.

  2. DarkGhost

    This is just ridiculous the guy had given this organization everything he has for his whole career and there are people mad that he choose to have his knee fixed so that 20 years from now he is walking normally instead of of having knee complications that could effect his ability to function on a daily basis. It’s not like he has a bruise or is feeling some discomfort and is sitting out he tore multiple ligaments in his knee and there are Vikings higher ups upset that he wants to have his knee fixed what a joke.

  3. J42ohn

    Hey DorkGhost, if you actually read the article, you would know that some of his TEAMMATES were upset about him having the surgery. The “higher ups” were the ones who understood his decision. You might want to practice your reading, but mostly your comprehension of what you read….I think that’s where you veered off course, lol.

    • tylerall5

      You might want to practice being respectful. This is a sports site, not an online chat room.

  4. I’m glad they’re not shaving the meniscus. That would guarantee arthritis . Hopefully he’ll recover again with the ‘roids and be back for the playoffs

  5. Mikel Grady

    Emmitt smith would have played through pain . Of course that is why he is the all time leading rusher, super bowl MVP, 3 time super bowl champ and G.O.A.T.

    • TheMichigan

      Playing on a torn meniscus to is just a terrible thing, and I highly doubt Emmitt would play through a torn meniscus. I’ve had 2 friends play baseball on torn meniscuses, which is way less running than an NFL running, and their knees are already royally messed up. Playing on a torn meniscus can lead to a number of other complications. Also Barry Sanders is the GOAT considering if he didn’t retire he would have had maybe 4 more years in the league and if only he averaged around 1k yards a year he would have beat Emmett by around a thousand yards so…

  6. JoannMJoseph

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  7. J42ohn

    So sorry tylerall5, I didn’t know you were so sensitive. My deepest apologies. I didn’t realize I was on such a serious sports site, and not just some silly chat room. Golly gee, I hope I didn’t hurt your little feelings! Hopefully sometime soon you will scrape that sand out of your vagina

  8. These comments are getting way out of hand. State your opinion; don’t try to ruin someone’s day. Disagree silently.

  9. J42ohn

    Hey Mark, you should follow your own advice and ” disagree silently”. This is getting out of control! Lol

  10. Glad to be a positive influence on you

  11. J42ohn

    Mark, I suspect you have no influence over anyone in life. Kind of like you having no influence on anyone in the comment board of pro football

    • How often do people think: “I hope I never see that guy again!” after they see you? It’s happening right now. I don’t hate you. I just feel sorry for you.

  12. J42ohn

    Lol! I’m so glad you don’t hate me Mark! Wow, now I can go about life as usual since I know Mark doesn’t hate me! Lmao!!! As far as “I hope I never see that guy again!” After seeing me… well for one, you didn’t see me, Mark. That whole ” it’s happening right now” is dumb and makes no sense, lol! And also, your mother actually WANTS to see me again after last night. Yep, I gave her the old pearl necklace just like she likes

  13. Tyler37

    Mark, I think you might have overreacted a bit to j42hn’s comments. This is not a church group, and I think he may have been kind of joking around. It’s people like you who are so quick to point the finger at people with your politically correctness crap that makes the world no fun at all. What I’m trying to say Mark, is you need to lighten up a little bit Nancy boy.

  14. J42ohn

    Well look at that, Mark. Seems to me that Tyler is the type of guy who says
    “I hope I never see that guy again!” after they see you. It’s happening right now. Im guessing Tyler doesnt hate you. Tyler probably just feels sorry for you……lmao!

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