Browns Shoot Down Joe Thomas Trade Talk

The Browns are winless through seven games and there’s next no chance of them reaching the postseason this year. It would stand to reason that they would entertain offers for their best veterans, but coach Hue Jackson says that Joe Thomas is not available via trade, despite reports to the contraryJoe Thomas (Vertical)

We. Are. Not. Going. To. Trade. Joe. Thomas,” Jackson told reporters today (via the Browns on Twitter).

Of course, we’ve seen coaches and GMs deny trade talk in the past only to deal the player in question. Thomas, in his tenth season, could be a valuable piece for a contending team and he could bring in a quality return for a Cleveland team that is (once again) playing for next year. According to yesterday’s report, the Browns are looking for a second-round pick in exchange for the veteran. Thomas is under contract for another two seasons after this one and is slated to make $10MM in 2017 and 2018. However, there is no guaranteed cash remaining on his contract.

Thomas, a six-time All-Pro lineman and lifelong member of the Browns, has never been to the playoffs. If Jackson is telling the truth, then that won’t change anytime soon.

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8 comments on “Browns Shoot Down Joe Thomas Trade Talk

  1. Ravens_Last_Place

    The Cleveland Clowns! A franchise that creates pointless, sad (but funny), never ending stories.

    Hue Jackson is probably missing the Raiders, wishing he wouldn’t have been so bad when he got his chance there. He’s showing he clearly learned nothing since. We all know Marvin Lewis can’t win a playoff game so he didn’t teach Hue that, but Hue can’t even win a regular season game.

    • Sufferfortribe

      You sure lead a sad existence, if you have nothing better to do than insult the Browns.

    • gmflores27

      Hue CHOSE the browns, so he could be a part of a rebuilding project

    • Jonathan Heuss

      Hue went 8-8 in his lone season when he coached the Raiders. That was the best record they had had in a while and was the best record they have since then (excluding this year) Why he was fired is beyond me.

      Joe Thomas is clearly a class act. He has not once complained or asked for a trade since he arrived. He just works hard and been a professional at every turn. Browns management should reward him for this and trade him to a contender without him having to ask. He probably would enjoy playing in the playoffs once in his career.

  2. Surprisingly a Bucks Fan

    seriously? they have been destroyed by injuries. There offensive line lost key players in free agency, and others are hurt. they’ve had 4 different people line up at qb. two wrs are gone/injured. give hue a break you would not do any better

    • Surprisingly a Bucks Fan

      this was a reply to Ravens_last_place comment

  3. leefieux

    I would love to know if the writer of this piece makes jerky. I think Zach Links Jerky would be a great name.

    Or, am I just being silly? (Beats talking about the Browns, right?)

  4. Steeler fan

    Can we really blame the browns for wanting to hold dear the only 1st rnd pick thats worked out for them in the past 2 decades?

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