Weak Trade Interest In Browns OT Joe Thomas?

Despite denials from the Browns, multiple reports have indicated that tackle Joe Thomas could be traded if the right offer is made. Right now, however, it doesn’t sound like there are a lot of offers coming in. There is limited trade interest in Thomas, Mike Florio of PFT hears. Joe Thomas (vertical)

A source with knowledge of the situation says that only two teams have been exploring the potential move. That’s surprising given the long list of contending teams that could use a left tackle upgrade. In the last week, the Patriots, Cardinals, Giants, Seahawks, and Vikings have been linked to Thomas. Now it sounds like at least three of those teams have not called Cleveland to arrange a deal.

Thomas, a lifelong member of the Browns, has never been to the postseason. Still, he does not want to be traded. First-year coach Hue Jackson addressed reporters earlier this week and said that Thomas would not be dealt between now and the deadline. Despite that, rival GMs believe that top exec Sashi Brown could pull the trigger on a deal, especially since the team is going nowhere in 2016.

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7 comments on “Weak Trade Interest In Browns OT Joe Thomas?

  1. Ravens_Last_Place

    #heisold #pasthisprime #expensivecontract #brownswanttoomuch #notworthit #notthemissingpiece #overrated

    • stubby66

      You know ho about you keep your comments to yourself that right there proves how much of a better person in real life he is. You know back in time when the Packers won a super bowl with Favre they wouldn’t have done it if they hadn’t brought Wilkerson in for Brett to left tackle. That move a lone help them tremendously. Yes is this personal because he is an old badger? Absolutely cause we stand behind old friends it’s called loyalty try it

      • RockHard


        • RockHard

          I bet the browns show that same loyalty lol

    • whereslou

      He might be past his prime but he isn’t too expensive for a LT. As for the Browns wanting too much for him you have no clue since they haven’t said what they want. If Seattle gave up a 2nd and a 7th and he kept Wilson on his feet and off the injury report and helped us prove Obama wrong then I would say he was worth it. I don’t know right now though the injury bug has bitten Seattle hard this year. It is early and we are still in 1st if guys can comeback we can still do it. I guess it depends on how bad Bennett really is when Kam will be back etc.

  2. ffjsisk

    Thomas for Garrapolo makes a ton of sense. Both sides take a bit of a risk/reward approach

    • RockHard

      Not a terrible idea, but don’t see it with Kessler there and a potential 1st round pick at QB

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