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Jay Cutler is nearing a return from his thumb injury, but he may not have a job to come back to, according to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports. Brian Hoyer has played reasonably well in Cutler’s absence, leading the Bears to a victory over division-rival Detroit last week, and La Canfora reports that Cutler has fallen out of favor with some on the coaching staff. He writes, “There were some heated words exchanged between coaches following Cutler’s last appearance, sources said, about whether he should have been out of that game sooner, and Cutler’s status in the Bears’ locker room has long been under debate.”

Oct 2, 2016; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears quarterback Brian Hoyer (2) against Detroit Lions at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

This report jives with head coach John Fox‘s comments earlier this week, when he stated that Hoyer will remain the starter if he continues to play well. And with the Jaguars and Colts next on the docket for the Bears, there is a good chance that Hoyer will indeed continue to play well, at least for the next several weeks. While Hoyer will never be the type of quarterback that can take a team to the promised land, at this point he appears to be just as effective as Cutler, and he comes at a fraction of the cost.

After all, although Cutler is signed through 2020, he has no more guaranteed money left on his deal after this season, so it will be easy for Fox and GM Ryan Pace–who inherited Cutler from the prior regime–to release Cutler and begin the search for a long-term solution under center while using a quarterback like Hoyer as a placeholder.

Ian Rapoport of lends support to La Canfora’s story, tweeting that, “This is Brian Hoyer’s job to win. If he continues to thrive, he’ll start. Door is open.” Barring some sort of unexpected turnaround, then, it appears that Cutler will not be Chicago much longer. To paraphrase a Chicago Tribune story from several weeks ago, the end of Jay Cutler’s tenure with the Bears feels as real as it ever has.

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12 comments on “Latest On Jay Cutler, Brian Hoyer

  1. El Duderino

    Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer are the kind to take a team to the promised land. I figure Hoyer isn’t that different.

    • Rory Parks

      That’s true, although the Bears don’t have a historically great defense. If they did, I’d agree with you.

    • bigjonliljon

      Though the bears made it to the super bowl with Rex Grossman, so anything is possible

  2. Skol72

    lets face it, Hoyer is an upgrade over Cutler. Cutler is a slinger with no regards for ball control. good move Chicago. I dont see Cutler even on the Bears roster next season

    • Miklo916

      Totally agree he’s done

    • J.M. Hall

      Totally, wholeheartedly agree. Cutlers done. Keep Hoyer for the rest of the season. Look to Free Agency or Draft for QB next year

    • bradthebluefish

      Right on target! (Unlike Cutler)

  3. Ravens_Last_Place

    Cutler had the markings of being a huge disappointment since his rookie season in Denver. The Broncos absolutely robbed the Bears in that trade. Cutler is a disaster. However, if he were a Brown and played exactly how he has, they would think he’s a legend lol.

    At least he has a nice looking wife to go home to. He’ll be spending a lot of time at home from now on.

    • bradthebluefish

      All true! I wish Cutler would get a better attitude about winning and wanting to play better. That would make a world’s difference in how he would play, perform, and learn… but no, it seems like he is comfortable in his ways of being a below average QB who makes millions and has a nice family.

  4. Bernie Cohen

    The Bears must move on. I’m personally sick of their ineptitude. Everything they touch turns to crap. Gotta put it on the owners.

    • Ravens_Last_Place

      Yeah they should clean house completely. Fire the entire front office and coaching staff. Start fresh and give them time to hire the proper coaches and select the right players. Don’t interfere with their process. If it works, great. If not, start over. But owners and “non-football” ppl need to completely stay out of football matters. For reference, look at Dan Snyder in Washington.



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