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We learned a few days ago that Rams rookie quarterback Jared Goff has been taking more reps with the first-team offense in practice, which would seem to suggest that this year’s No. 1 overall pick could see the field for the first time in his NFL career sooner rather than later. Case Keenum‘s abysmal performance in last week’s loss to the Giants added more fuel to the Goff fire.

Jared Goff (vertical)

Steve Wyche of the NFL Network confirms that Los Angeles is indeed getting Goff ready to make his professional debut. After all, in the wake of the Rams’ three-game losing streak, why wouldn’t the Rams give the first-team reps that Goff has been poaching back to Keenum, unless LA were preparing to usher in the Goff era?

Wyche adds that Goff has made progress in terms of learning the offense, and that the team would have been comfortable inserting him into the game last week should Keenum have suffered an injury. And it’s not as if the Rams have anything to lose by inserting Goff now, as it is difficult to imagine the offense being more ineffective with the California product under center.

Plus, as Vincent Bonsignore in a column for the Orange County Register writes, head coach Jeff Fisher probably needs a strong finish to keep his job. It was not that long ago that an extension for Fisher was considered all but done, but the last three weeks have changed things in a big way. Fisher’s famous proclamation on the latest season of “Hard Knocks” that his team would not finish the 2016 campaign with a mediocre record not only established a baseline record for the Rams, but also set the standard by which Fisher’s future with the club should be measured.

At this point, the player that the Rams traded a king’s ransom to draft might be Fisher’s best shot to meet that standard.

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8 comments on “Latest On Rams, Jared Goff

  1. Vedder80

    Hahaha. They think Kroenke cares about winning. Please see the team record for the last decade plus. Fisher is in no danger of losing his job.

    • tommyLA

      Kroenke cares about making money, and if he can’t fill the seats in his new over priced stadium, he won’t make his money back. LA needs to be impressed before he commit to buy tickets. If there is no wins, no one will show up.

  2. LindsayKHannon

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  3. Victor Sibley

    Kroenke cares about money but he also cares about winning, the two work hand in hand. Goff should start playing Now, Fisher can’t look any worse if he fails, and he just may look better.

  4. Barbara Stalder

    Hating on Case Keenum is just a one sided view of the team. Case hasnt bren perfect but his online gives no protection, his receivers drop ball when they hit their hands and the defense isnt doing their job either. To blame one player just because its convenient is stupid. Do you really think goff is hoing to do better with the players he has to work with. I think not. Its easy to hate Keenum because people want Goff to be the Rams savior. Thats a dream not reality. For the mobey they spebt on Goff they could have beefed up their o-line and got a top notchh tight end or receiver.

    • Terrance

      Give #1 draft a try. Sure can’t hurt. RAMS #1 FAN

    • Rico ram

      They did draft a top notch TE in Tyler Higbee. This guy is going to be a massive talent. The problems are #1. The OC Boras does not seem to want to implement Higbee in the offensive scheme #2. Case is a good guy, but does not have the arm to consistently pass the call downfield 15 yds more. It was in pre-season that Goff showed a promising connection with Higbee, and that can definitely translate to the reg season if both given an opportunity. The O-line has been terrible in run blocking, but sub-par to decent in pass blocking.



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