Rob Gronkowski’s Hamstring Still “Not Right”

Rob Gronkowski hasn’t gotten off to a fast start in 2015, and it’s clear that he’s still affected by injury as the Patriots reach the quarter mark of the season. A source told Mike Garafolo of (video link) that Gronkowski’s hamstring is “not right,” and also expressed concern that the star tight end’s injury “has not come along like they thought it would.”Rob Gronkowski (vertical)

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Gronkowski missed the first two games of the season, but was activated in advance of New England’s Week 3 contest against the Texans. However, as Garafolo notes, Gronk has been mostly used a blocker (a task at which he excels) rather than as a receiver. He’s only been targeted three times, and he’s managed just one catch for 11 yards.

Those numbers are a far cry for Gronkowski’s usual All Pro production level, but the Patriots have also been dealing with a fluctuating quarterback position, starting Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett while Tom Brady has been suspended. Brady, of course, will return this week against the Browns, perhaps enabling Gronk to return to his usual form.

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14 comments on “Rob Gronkowski’s Hamstring Still “Not Right”

  1. Brady's left nut

    Party all offseason, show up for camp not in football shape, pop a hammy! I’d be pissed if I were his teammate and worked my butt off all offseason. Gronk, Paper tiger with no brain.

    • natesp4

      I’m guessing this is sarcasm?

  2. kelby haskins

    It’s 2016 bro

    • Brady's Left Nut

      So in 2016 it is OK for someone to give you 50 million bucks, and it’s ok to treat it like part time money, and not stay in shape in the offseason? What world do you live in? Obviously not one where you have to write checks! Can’t believe how easily we let our idols off the hook! You are soft, not unlike Gronk!

      • DarkGhost

        How do you know what kind of shape he is in. He has a reputation as liking to party so that means he doesn’t work out/ stay in shape during the offseason. Some of the most prolific athletes in the sport history have been party animals. Charles Barkley, Dennis Rodman, and Derek Jeter all have reputations for being a part of the party scene and they were still amazing. Even Michael Jordan smoked cigars, drank, and gambled. Also it’s not like Gronk has just burst on the party scene he’s been like this for years and he’s never had his conditioning called into question before so why now that he has a hamstring issue that are notorious for lingering for sometimes months depending on how bad it is.

        • Brady's left nut

          A hamstring popping early in camp is TOTALY a result of not being stretched out, not training properly! Add to that dehydration from excessive alcohol consumption, poor diet etc……health well trained athletes don’t pop hammys, end of story! Gronk paper tiger

          • DarkGhost

            So does every athlete that has a soft tissue injury in camp is a result of not being in shape? That must mean that guys like Arian Foster who is a notorious gym rat is and out of shape alcoholic. Secondly paper tiger? Your joking right, your not actually that stupid. Paper Tigers aren’t key factors to teams winning Super Bowls. Paper tigers don’t get a franchise that is famous for not paying anybody except the QB and defense a 9mil per year contract. And paper tigers defiantly aren’t on pace to be a top 3 tight end in every major statistical category in NFL history.

  3. Brady's left nut

    Not sarcasm at all. Like Brady, you best highest paid player should lead by example. If you owned a team and shelled out $55mm dollars to a player and he can’t play because he doesn’t take care of himself, wouldn’t you be pissed? He gets paid 50 million bucks and he doesn’t stay in shape, I couldn’t look the guy who writes those checks in the eye! Face it, we all love Gronk, but time to Grow the hell up! Put the big boy pants on and do the work u are being paid to do! Bozo

    • Brady's right nut

      I’ve been in great shape and had multiple injuries happen to me, and I’ve ran track and played baseball with guys who were mega conditioned and they still had injuries.

      You think keeping yourself limber is the end-all, but it’s not smart guy. Fact is, you’re not in the locker room or gym to know what he is or isn’t doing, you’re just jumping to conclusions.

      On top of the main fact that you’re going by what this article says and you don’t truly know what ails Gronk, if anything.

      I’m guessing you’re either a Patriot hater, or you’re mad because Gronk’s on your fantasy team.

  4. hill

    This is an odd story.

    Tom Brady and the Browns don’t heal a hamstring. Either he’s healthy or he isn’t.

  5. padreforlife

    Bring back Hernandez

    • Connorsoxfan


  6. Skol72

    give Gronk a break! I was in peakmphysical condition when my hamstring injury happened too! sincerely, Joey Bosa

  7. Brady's left nut

    Brady’s right nut, I work in sports medicine/orthopedics there are lots of weekend warriors who think they are in shape but are not. They don’t train symmetrically, and pay no attention to proprioception which has huge impact on injury. And weekend warriors almost without exception build muscle for show etc. truth is if not for guys like you sports medicine clinics like mine would be out of business.

    As far as Gronk, not all soft tissue injuries are created equal. But almost certainly, a popped tendon (hamstring) early in training camp. Points to not being in “football” shape. He may have been working out, but I feel sure he did not work on flexibility, and balance enough to prevent this type of injury. If this happend mid season I might have a different opinion.

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