Eagles WR Josh Huff Arrested

Eagles wide receiver Josh Huff was arrested earlier today, as Stephen McKenzie of CBS3 tweets. Huff was pulled over for speeding and when cops approached his vehicle, they found a gun and marijuana. Josh Huff (vertical)

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The Eagles are now gathering more information on the incident, but the league does not look favorably on reckless handgun possession. If it is found that Huff does not have a proper permit for the weapon, he may face significant legal consequences as well.

Howard Eskin of FOX29 in Philly reports (via Twitter) that Huff was also found with six hollow point bullets. Each of these bullets may lead to their own, individual charges.

Huff, an Oregon product, was a third-round pick of Chip Kelly‘s Eagles’ in 2014. This season, the 25-year-old has 13 catches for 72 yards and one touchdown plus a 98-yard kick return touchdown.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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7 comments on “Eagles WR Josh Huff Arrested

  1. Polish Hammer

    What is it with these morons driving around with guns and drugs? Just goes to show you how bogus the drug testing system is as well.

    • BossPoniXpress

      why did they search his vehicle in the first place if he was only speeding? and isn’t it an amendent right to carry a firearm anyways

      • DarkGhost

        Depends on the individual state you are in. The north east United States tends to have much stricter gun laws than other parts of the country. It’s pretty bogus to think that as a country it’s an amendment but each stars can have individual laws pertaining to what a person can and can’t have. Assuming he was in philly if he was was open carrying or the gun was in plain sight they can search the car once it’s been found he doesn’t have the correct licensing. Or if they had reasonable doubt there were drugs I.e. (Smell) then they can also search the vehicle. Simple solutions is don’t carry unregistered fire arms and illegal drugs. Or don’t speed while you have them in your car.

        • breezy

          Not to mention the possibility of his car reeking of marijuana when he rolled down his window.

  2. phillyoakman

    lucky he wasn’t dot and killed. kaps protest might be working

  3. avjp87

    There was smoke coming out of the inside of the car. There’s the probable cause to search.

  4. MiddleIn


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