Latest On NFL’s Marijuana Policy

As of Tuesday’s elections, 28 states now allow some sort of medicinal marijuana use, but that doesn’t mean the NFL and the players’ union will come together on any near-term alterations to┬áthe league’s drug policy, according to Kevin Seifert of However, the NFLPA will continue to convene a “pain management committee” that will evaluate the effects of marijuana on health.

Privately, at least three owners have stated support for medical marijuana, especially in contrast to other medication — such as painkillers — that are often abused, reports Jason Cole of Bleacher Report (video link). Officially, however, the NFL doesn’t sound ready to make any changes to its current stance.

“We continue to follow the advice of leading experts on treatment, pain management and other symptoms associated with concussions and other injuries,” league spokesman Brian McCarthy said. “However, medical experts have not recommended making a change or revisiting our collectively-bargained policy and approach related to marijuana, and our position on its use remains consistent with federal law and workplace policies across the country. If these advisers determine a change would be in the best interest of our players, we would discuss it.”

As Seifert notes, a recent ESPN survey found that nearly two-thirds of current NFL players believe that lessening the penalties associated with marijuana use — or perhaps, eliminating discipline for the drug altogether — could help reduce excessive painkiller usage.

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9 comments on “Latest On NFL’s Marijuana Policy

  1. sdr16

    Fire goodell

  2. gmflores27

    FIRE goodell he’s worse than the FBI at conducting investigations

  3. whereslou

    I am on 4 10/325 Vicodin a day that is the strongest they will give you for long term pain relief or so I am told. I was on Percocet was given that like candy got addicted was addicted for a couple years. It made me mean my wife took me too a counselor and I went off cold turkey when she was out of town for a week. It was awful. My pain is from multiple back surgeries caused from football. Hurt it in HS then again in college. It all finally caught up with me.
    I grew up in the 70’s and tried pot twice. Never liked it so that was that. After the 3rd back surgery the neck surgery and all the other procedures they have done on my back my wife came home with some candy I tried it and it worked . There are two basic types of pot one has THC to get you high one has CBD for pain management. They suggest you mix the two for better results but it is still a lesser high than one of the pills I take. I take the candies because I don’t like the stink of smoking. We have talked about making butter and baking but it is a lot of work but much cheaper.
    I am not sure why the NFL wouldn’t let the players use a medicine that is better for their bodies for pain than the artificial crap they force feed them now. Percocet is nothing but artificial heroine and hard to get off of. Then who cares if they use it recreationally it isn’t hurting anyone. They can have DUI penalties like alcohol but treat it the same. It is not as addictive or as harmful. Time for the NFL and the US Govt to move on to bigger more dangerous crimes. Let the guys use the better safer product to heal up and feel better.

    • whereslou

      So sometimes if it seems like I am rambling on here and not making sense blame it on the Vicodin.

    • TheMichigan

      The reason why is that all medicine is dangerous in its own right, even with CBD cannabis you still get high. That means you’re partially impaired and you could do some harm same as if you were up on Vicodin.

      • whereslou

        You might want to do a little research before making claims like that Google is your friend. Here I will help you out a little
        link to

        • whereslou

          Another thing I didn’t know until out was legal in Washington. Hemp is different than pot had no THC in it but is still illegal to grow even with all the benefits like cloth etc. They gave a few people permits to grow it in Washington and one was in a hay field close to our house. They put signs up and stories in the paper that it had no THC because people were stealing the plants. The gov’t is very short sighted when there is some good they could use this plant for it could be s very profitable crop for farmers but they make it illegal to grow.
          They have strains of plants that have so many medicinal uses and little to no THC in them it is crazy. Hemp looks a little different it if taller and skinnier but the others look pretty similar so I understand the hesitation on growing some. They could legalize it tax it and control it. That way they make money control the illegal sale to an extent and hurt the cartels to an extent. If people did a little research I think they would be amazed at the benefits.

  4. Meatloaf rulz

    The NFLPA can’t control the players it has when it comes to smoking rope because there idiots. For those that say there is no negative affect to smoking dope, look at all the millions of dollars player have smoked away because they can’t stop smoking dope. There has to be other ways to treat it. Some player just want a reason to do what they are already doing with no consequences

    • whereslou

      Is pot worse than alchol? It is not addictive the only bad thing is it is illegal in many states and with the Fed’s. If it were legal most of your argument would be mute. I was against legalizing pot until I used it. Most of my family doesn’t know I use it and wouldn’t approve. My Son-in-Law is a Pastor and him and my Daughter struggled with it until they saw it worked. It is better than the heroine I was legally taking. Why is it OK for the gov’t to make artificial heroine and get you addicted to that but not let you take a natural plant with no adverse side affects or fewer at least and make that one illegal? Making pot illegal has had the same effect as prohibition it has made some bad guys very rich and powerful. You would think the gov’t would learn their lessons but no.

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