Luke Kuechly In Concussion Protocol

Last night, Panthers linebacker¬†Luke Kuechly gave fans reason for concern after taking a big hit in the fourth quarter of last night’s game against the Saints. The Carolina star suffered an apparent concussion and bawled as he was carted off of the field. Today, coach Ron Rivera¬†confirmed to reporters that Kuechly did indeed suffer a concussion and is now in the league’s required protocol program.¬†Luke Kuechly (vertical)

This marks the linebacker’s second concussion in two years. Concussions come in varying degrees and aren’t always detected or reported, so it’s possible that he has had even more. When Kuechly suffered his concussion in last year’s season opener, he wound up missing three games. If this one is as severe as it looked, he could be out for a longer stretch. Rivera declined to comment on the Pro Bowlers’ status but we should know more about his condition by early next week.

Kuechly, 25, has established himself as one of the game’s best defenders and as the heart of the Panthers’ D. In each of the last three seasons, he has earned both First-Team All-Pro selections and Pro Bowl nods. Before the 2015 season, the Panthers rewarded Kuechly with a five-year, $62MM deal. He rewarded them with stellar play as they captured the NFC Championship.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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13 comments on “Luke Kuechly In Concussion Protocol

  1. bigjonliljon

    “Bawled”? Could have chosen a nicer wording. Cried, sobbed, etc. Makes him sound like a baby lol

    • TheMichigan

      He literally bawled tho

  2. Louisiana Farmhand

    Come on Lukey. Fix ya head ya heard. Ya darn good player dang you hit em good. Be alright boy. Fix up son. You be alright soon ya hear. Gets good.

    • fisher40

      Concussions are nothing to joke around about and make light of farmhand. And if your gonna post on here at least talk proper English.

      • Louisiana Farmhand

        I ain’t say nothing as joke. He good. I said get better. Ya can’t read I see now. Come on now learn right boy.

    • Louisiana Farmhand

      Why ya gots to be meanie weanie. Ya got a sick dog?

  3. AshtonLover

    Dude come on. you can be from Louisiana, and not sound like a idiot.

    • StudlyBudlee

      Agreed AshtonLover

    • leostargensen

      Idk why they won’t just block him already

    • Louisiana Farmhand

      I ain’t did no wrongs. Just like sports like us. You do too. Sports fun.

  4. RockHard

    It’s a troll so…

    • Louisiana Farmhand

      C’mon down the bayou and say dat things to me friends and me. Dare.

  5. TDKnies

    I assumed he shredded an ACL or two by the look on his face. Must be one absolute b**** of a concussion he got, and I hope it doesn’t have too many repercussions for his long term health.

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