Miami GM Job Risky Proposition

There is certainly something to be said for the fact that only 32 NFL general manager positions exist, but potential candidates for the open GM chair in Miami might be reticent because of the uncertainty and risk attached. The Dolphins are offering interviewees no power beyond roster construction, according to a mailbag piece from ESPN’s James Walker.

Walker highlights the inherent instability a prospective hire would inherit, including the fact he would not have contractual power to make a coaching change. What’s more, in the event Joe Philbin is let go, it’s unclear how much influence the GM would have in selecting a successor. Potential candidates undoubtedly know and understand the importance of a well-oiled power structure, and the Dolphins do not appear to have a solid infrastructure in place for sustained success.

Such an unstable environment could be scaring away candidates unwilling to risk their reputation on a job that could be two or three years and done. This does not even take into consideration the state of the roster going forward. If, for example, a potential candidate is not sold on Ryan Tannehill as a franchise quarterback, it’s easy to understand how an ascending executive would bypass the opportunity, opting not to jump on board a rudderless, sinking ship so as not to jeopardize his industry standing.

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