Poll: Best Free Agent Running Back?

This year’s free agent running back class, as highlighted by our own Luke Adams earlier today, features two massive names at the top of the heap: Darren McFadden and Maurice Jones-Drew. However, they’re not the only notable backs who can be had this offseason. Emotional Broncos back Knowshon Moreno, Donald Brown of the Colts, and one-time fantasy darling LeGarrette Blount are also there for the taking.

Rashad Jennings, who has been an understudy to both MJD and Run DMC, could conceivably find himself with a starting role in 2014, though he’d probably have to battle it out in camp first. Ben Tate has been behind Arian Foster on the depth chart for the last few years in Houston and while rib issues hampered him in 2013, he looked good enough a couple of years ago to make some observers wonder if the Texans would let Foster, then on the cusp of free agency, go elsewhere. Want a blast from the (not-too-far-in-the) past? Rashard Mendenhall and Peyton Hillis will also be free agents, though their respective stars have faded quite a bit and it’s hard to see either one starting.

There’s no shortage of star power in this year’s RB class, but there’s an equal number of question marks. If you’re an NFL GM, which of the following free agent backs do you want on your squad? (Please note that for the purposes of this poll, we’ve omitted restricted free agents such as Lions backup Joique Bell and Chris Johnson, who could wind up parting ways with the Titans) Cast your vote and weigh in through our comment section.

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2 comments on “Poll: Best Free Agent Running Back?

  1. sickoe47

    Why is mcfargile in the conversation?!he probably get hurt in first day of free agency.knowshon moreno,ben tate and Donald Brown have the most upside.


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