Largest 2014 FA Contracts By Position

When I examined 2014’s largest free agent contracts by overall value, per-year value, and fully guaranteed money last weekend, many of the players on my lists played the same positions. Of the 17 total players who ranked among the top 10 free agent contracts in at least one of those three categories, 12 were cornerbacks, offensive tackles, or defensive ends.

Given how players at a handful of key positions dominated those lists from the weekend, it’s worth breaking things down a little differently, and checking in on how players at other spots did in free agency. In the list below, you’ll find the top 2014 free agent contracts by overall value, per-year value, and fully guaranteed money, sorted by position.

The players below are listed under the position they played most last season, even if their new teams don’t necessarily plan to play them at that specific spot — this can often be the case with linebackers, as well as offensive and defensive linemen. Additionally, a player’s total contract amount is considered to be the deal’s base value, not including incentives. Players who re-signed with their previous teams before free agency opened also weren’t considered.

With the help of’s free agent tracker, here are the largest 2014 free agent contracts by position:


  • Overall: $10.5MM, Matt Cassel (Vikings)
  • Per year: $5.25MM, Cassel
  • Guarantee: $5.65MM, Cassel

Running back:

Wide receiver:

Tight end:

  • Overall: $16MM, Brandon Pettigrew (Lions)
  • Per year: $4MM, Pettigrew
  • Guarantee: $5.2MM, Pettigrew

Offensive tackle:

  • Overall: $47MM, Branden Albert (Dolphins)
  • Per year: $9.4MM, Albert
  • Guarantee: $20MM, Albert

Offensive guard:

  • Overall: $31,347,233, Rodger Saffold (Rams)
  • Per year: $6,269,447, Saffold
  • Guarantee: $11MM, Saffold


  • Overall: $42MM, Alex Mack (Browns)
  • Per year: $8.4MM, Mack
  • Guarantee: $18MM, Mack

Defensive tackle:

3-4 defensive end:

  • Overall: $33MM, Arthur Jones (Colts)
  • Per year: $6.6MM, Jones
  • Guarantee: $10MM, Jones

4-3 defensive end:

3-4 outside linebacker:

  • Overall: $11.455MM, Brian Orakpo (Redskins)*
  • Per year: $11.455MM, Orakpo
  • Guarantee: $11.455MM, Orakpo

4-3 outside linebacker:

Inside linebacker:

  • Overall: $24MM, Karlos Dansby (Browns)
  • Per year: $6MM, Dansby
  • Guarantee: $12MM, Dansby


  • Overall: $54MM, Jairus Byrd (Saints)
  • Per year: $9MM, Byrd
  • Guarantee: $18.3MM, Byrd




  • Overall: $5.5MM, Donnie Jones (Eagles)
  • Per year: $1,833,333, Jones
  • Guarantee: $1MM, Jones

* Orakpo accepted and signed a one-year franchise tender from the Redskins, though the two sides may still work out a longer-term deal that reduces the 2014 amount.

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