NFC Notes: Vikings, Bears, Panthers

Jon Bon Jovi is reportedly interested in buying the Bills, but we shouldn’t expect fellow 80’s icon Mike Ditka to follow suit and go after a team of his own. “I’ve had an interest, but I’m not in a position where I can do something like that. Jon Bon Jovi is,” the former Bears coach told the Chicago Sun-Times. “I’m satisfied having been a player and a coach. I don’t have to be an owner or an executive. That doesn’t do anything for me.” Tonight’s look at the NFC..

  • With Toby Gerhart out of the picture in Minnesota, the Vikings would be wise to draft a running back, writes Mark Craig of the Star Tribune. The Vikings are in obvious need of support at tailback behind Adrian Peterson, who is 29 and comes into 2014 with a very serious injury history. Since being drafted seventh overall in 2007, Gerhart has been the only tailback drafted by the Vikings. It seems likely that they’ll break that streak this year.
  • It’ll be tough for the Bears to fill Devin Hester‘s shoes, but they’re hoping to hit on a modest investment in former CFL receiver Chris Williams, writes Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune. Williams, who could be a factor in the return game, wants to show the world that he’s ready for the NFL grind after his pit stop north of the border. “Everyone’s situation is different and everyone ends up where they are for a reason. It doesn’t necessarily mean you were not good enough. I made the best of what I could and now that I am getting this opportunity, I want to show I can be helpful and successful on any team,” Williams said.
  • There’s some panic surrounding the Panthers after their wide receiver fire sale, but tight end Greg Olsen is acting as the voice of reason, writes Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer. “I know everyone at one point was kind of panicking. Would it have been nice to have those (receivers) back? Of course,” Olsen said. “But I think we’ve signed a lot of guys that can fill a lot of those roles. We’re putting it together. It’s hard to judge a team in March. When the season gets closer, that will be a better example of what our team is.
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