Vikings, Browns Could Trade For 1st Rd Pick

10:05pm: The chances of the Browns trading out of the first round have increased, according to Mike Klis of the Denver Post (on Twitter), so they could be a trade partner for the Browns or Vikings. Denver picks at No. 31.

10:02pm: The Vikings could wind up moving back into the first round if the price is right, tweets Albert Breer of NFL Network. That move could be to land a quarterback.

9:56pm: The Browns still may not be done trading tonight. Ian Rapoport of NFL Network (on Twitter) hears they are talking about trading back into the first round. They could be possibly targeting a receiver, Rapoport said on the NFL Network’s broadcast.

The Browns have a ton of picks to work with if they choose to consolidate and get themselves another first round pick. Cleveland also owns the No. 35, No. 71, No. 106, No. 127, No. 145, No. 180, and No. 218 picks in this year’s draft. They also have a couple of extra picks in the 2015 draft.

Cleveland has been extremely active in tonight’s draft, not unlike their activity in the major motion picture Draft Day. Hopefully for the Browns, this performance won’t be panned as heavily as the movie was. The Browns traded down from No. 4 to No. 9 before coming back up to No. 8 to get Oklahoma State cornerback Justin Gilbert. Of course, the Browns struck again later, maneuvering to the No. 22 to pick to tap Johnny Manziel.

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