Jaguars GM Talks Blackmon, Draft, Trades

It’s been a busy week for NFL general managers, many of whom are taking a break from draft preparation by speaking to the media about that draft and other team-related topics. It was Jaguars GM David Caldwell‘s turn today, and he provided a few interesting tidbits while speaking to John Oesher of, Hays Carlyon of the Florida Times-Union, and Ryan O’Halloran of the Times-Union, among others. Here are some highlights from Caldwell (all links go to Twitter):

  • The Jaguars aren’t counting on having wide receiver Justin Blackmon available for the 2014 season, and would be “relatively surprised” if he returned and contributed. Blackmon is facing an indefinite suspension after violating the league’s substance abuse policy multiple times.
  • Most of the Jaguars’ pre-draft work is done, and the team is pretty confident about which direction it’ll go with the No. 3 pick if no trades occur.
  • However, Caldwell sounded open to trading down, suggesting that the club believes it can get good value as far down as the 10th, 11th, or 12th pick, if the price is right. If the Jags were to trade out of the top 10, a 2015 first-round pick would become the minimum requirement, in the GM’s view.
  • Jacksonville also isn’t ruling out trading up, with Caldwell noting that a few extra picks this year gives the team a little more flexibility than usual. Caldwell adds that the Jags aren’t against the idea of trading with division rivals
  • The Jaguars used 27 of 30 allowable pre-draft visits, and ended up with about 180 draftable players on their board. Caldwell hopes to come out of the draft with four or five players capable of starting.
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