Seantrel Henderson Failed Drug Test

NFL teams were apprised last week that Miami offensive line prospect Seantrel Henderson tested positive for marijuana during the combine in March, reports Adam Schefter of ESPN (via Twitter).

Henderson, who was projected as a mid-round pick, could see his draft stock fall even further following this revelation. The 22-year-old was suspended three times during his college career, and, prior to the 2014 Senior Bowl, Henderson admitted those disciplinary actions were the result of marijuana use. He also had trouble finishing his workouts during Miami’s Pro Day, though his agent later said that Henderson was dealing with an illness.

Though many players have failed combine drug tests and then gone on to successful careers, such an infraction cannot be viewed in a good light. Around league circles, the drug use itself is perceived as less of a problem than a prospect failing a test he knew was coming. Such an error often gives the impression that the player was either unprepared, ill-informed, or simply unaware of the combine’s policies and structure.

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