Randall Cobb On Possible Extension

After Jordy Nelson received his contract extension yesterday, all eyes turned to Randall Cobb as the next logical extension candidate for the Packers.

Cobb however, is not yet focused on his own future with the Packers, or at the very least, is being shy about his value to the team, according to Jason Wilde of ESPN Wisconsin.

“I don’t believe I’ve done enough, and I think that’s on me,” said Cobb “My job is … to work hard and hopefully my time will come.” (via Twitter)

Cobb has never had a 1,000 yard season as a receiver, but brings tremendous value and versatility on special teams and running the football, both out of the backfield and on trick plays. Even still, he is looking to continue to earn his next contract.

“I feel I have a lot to prove. I know the player I’m capable of being,” said Cobb. “It’s just … showing that on a day-to-day basis.” (via Twitter)

The receiver is still a few weeks shy of his 24th birthday, but is exhibiting tremendous patience on his next deal, and hasn’t begun extension talks with the team as of yet, writes Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“There’s nothing been said that I know of,” said Cobb. “I’ve told my agent don’t even come to me until he feels that we’re at a good spot.” (via Twitter)

However, the budding star who caught that famous fourth down touchdown from Aaron Rodgers to put the Packers in the playoffs last season has his eyes on what Nelson just signed for, and was supportive of his teammate.

“I’m beyond excited for him,” said Cobb. “He deserved every penny he got and more.” (via Twitter)

Cobb’s willingness to wait for his next contract may not be due to the humble attitude he is displaying. Cobb knows that a slow start as a rookie and an injury last year has significantly cut his value. Despite a lack of huge statistical numbers, Cobb and his agent are aware that he is thought of as one of the most dangerous offensive weapons in the league, due to his skill as a receiver and a jack of all trades playmaker.

The Packers would have the best chance to lock him in to a long-term but team-friendly deal if they act before the season starts. If he does play out the season and performs to his potential, he could be in line for a contract in the mold of Percy Harvin, he could price himself off the Packers entirely.

That being said, look for the two parties to continue to try to come to a compromise that will allow Cobb to remain with the Packers through his next deal.

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