Josh Gordon Ruling Not Coming This Week

The Josh Gordon saga continues on, as a decision regarding his suspension is not likely to be handed down this week as expected, reports Ian Rapoport of (via Twitter).

The All-Pro wide receiver has been in limbo since his hearing concluded way back on August 4th. At that time, a decision was expected to come between one and three weeks. However, the third week is coming to an end, and Browns’ fans are still waiting to hear if their best player will set foot on the field at all in 2014.

Hopefully for all parties, Monday the 25th will be the day that the decision comes down and all this waiting will come to an end.

There is still a chance that the suspension is reduced in some way, especially in the aftermath of Ray Rice‘s two-game suspension. The thinking is that a suspension eight times as long for substance abuse will only add to the hysteria over the brevity or Rice’s suspension.

Our readers at Pro Football Rumors overwhelmingly believe the suspension will be cut in half at least during the potential settlement.

Hearing officer Harold Henderson is thought to be the cause for the delay, according to Rapoport (via Twitter). Henderson was reported to be a reason for the delay a week ago when the transcription process was called into question.

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