Poll: Should the NFL Keep Practices Open to Media?

Earlier this weekend, both Jim and John Harbaugh went on the record to discuss their displeasure with practices being open to the media. The brothers think that reporters overstate the impact of in-practice fights as a result of a lack of substantial news during the monotonous days of training camp. The Ravens’ coach believes that “99 percent” of practice conduct is great and positive, and is disheartened by what he feels is disproportionate negativity in the media.

What do you think? Should NFL personnel have to put up with the fact that football is a business and the media deserves total access? Or has news coverage become so intrusive that it detracts from the product that teams are able to put on the field?

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One comment on “Poll: Should the NFL Keep Practices Open to Media?

  1. Patrick Davis

    i follow the Titans practices every day never see anything negative. maybe they should run a tighter ship with their players. we have had fights but not blown out of proportion. its not a big issue. keeps the fans informed what is goin on and they dont have anything to hide.


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