NFL/NFLPA Notes: Rice, DUIs, Policies

The last few days haven’t been quite as explosive in terms of scandals and other major NFL stories as recent weeks have been, but the league is still dealing with the fallout of multiple embarrassing situations, and working on finalizing and creating various policies. Here are a few Friday updates on issues relating to the league and the player’s union:

  • Despite new details in an Associated Press report alleging that a law enforcement official sent the Ray Rice elevator video to league security chief Jeffrey Miller back in April, the league indicated today that its office “has found absolutely no evidence” suggesting it received the video or that an alleged phone call confirming its receipt took place. Nancy Armour of USA Today Sports has the details.
  • Player agents are being informed that their clients have until November 1 to resolve outstanding cases relating to DUI charges, in order to avoid the mandatory two-game suspension dictated by the league’s new drug policy, says Tom Pelissero of USA Today (via Twitter). Pelissero clarifies (via Twitter) that the deadline only applies to players who face chargers on alcohol-related impairment, so it wouldn’t apply to someone like Le’Veon Bell.
  • In a series of several tweets, Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report passes along some highlights from a memo sent by Roger Goodell and the NFL to team owners today. The memo provides progress updates on the league’s efforts to improve its personal conduct policy and handling of domestic violence situations.
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