Poll: Who Won The Percy Harvin Trade?

With the Percy Harvin trade dominating the Friday evening headlines, there are definitely arguments for why both sides were interested in completing the deal.

For readers of Pro Football Rumors, it would be impossible not to see a laundry list of opinions, whether you are looking at it as the Seahawks moving on from a headache or as the Jets acquiring a playmaker.

There are arguments for both teams as the victors in this trade. Yes, Harvin is a unique playmaker, but at the same time he clearly wore out his welcome at his last two stops, leading to an unceremonious exit.

In addition to the compilation of links and responses earlier, Manish Mehta of the Daily News points out that the Jets passed on DeSean Jackson this offseason assumedly because of character issues. Harvin’s character has been called into question since the trade became public.

Albert Breer of the NFL Network notes that the team just moved on from Santonio Holmes who was a negative influence in the locker room, only to trade for another combative personality in Harvin months later (via Twitter). As the story continued to develop, Breer has sided more and more strongly with the Seahawks’ decision to move the star receiver (via Twitter).

Still, it is tough to believe losing a player of that quality is without a doubt a positive, especially considering how hard his teammates have taken the news. Cliff Avril and Marshawn Lynch have already taken to Twitter to vent their frustration, and Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report reports that the Seahawks’ locker room has been shocked and stunned by the deal (via Twitter).

It will be at least until the end of the season before we can be sure who won this trade, maybe longer if Harvin plays out his contract with the team. Still, early reactions might favor the Seahawks, but could go either way depending on our readers.

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