Cowboys Notes: Bryant, Claiborne, McClain

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  • Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant still hasn’t been able to agree to a new deal with Dallas, but he says it’s not about the money, writes Clarence E. Hill Jr. of the Star-Telegram. “Just something we can compromise on. I’m not accepting what’s given to me,” Bryant said. “We’ll have to see. If it’s right, it’s right, I’ll sign my name on the dotted line. If it’s not, it’s not. At the end of the day, I want to win. But at the same time, I have a family and that’s what is important. I feel like, hey, I put the work in, I got to give myself some kind of credit.”
  • Bob Sturm of The Dallas Morning News wishes he could go back in time and make the Cowboys take defensive end Fletcher Cox over cornerback Morris Claiborne in the 2012 draft. Claiborne had a rough start to the season – he was bumped on the depth chart in favor of veteran Orlando Scandrick and suffered a season-ending injury soon after.
  • Sturm was asked by a reader to rank Rolando McClain, Henry Melton, Justin Durant, Bruce Carter, Anthony Spencer, Nick Hayden, and Sterling Moore in terms of which Cowboys defensive players are most important to keep. In his view, McClain, Melton, and Durant should be prioritized and the rest are not worth getting carried away with at this juncture.
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3 comments on “Cowboys Notes: Bryant, Claiborne, McClain

  1. Why would you have taken Fletcher Cox. that means you would be starving for a Corner right now or in the next draft . I think we are sitting pretty. Sign Claiborne right now, at least you know he is young and serviceable. sign him while he is playing at just average level. lock the guy up for the next six years at the very least you know he can play. And not every player on Defense has to be great. You need players who simply know their role…
    The same can be said about the front seven line up you listed. the first thing you do is you decide on Lee. Take some money form him or you cut him either way that is the first decision you have to make. And then if you are Jerry Jones YOU HOPE TO HIGH HEAVENS BRUCE CARTER DOESN’T SHOW UP GREAT THE REST OF THE WAY. Or like Claiborne you re-sign carter right now, unless he tells you I will wait and see how the rest of the season goes. But if you can you sign carter tomorrow, before he starts to go lights out. because you have seen what Carter can do and this is the bargain you are looking for. The guy is 26, give him a slight bump in pay and move on. You know what you have in the guy. NOT EVERY PLAYER IS GOING TO BE LIGHTS OUT. What you are ;looking for are players who can make a play, not make every play. Carter Hayden, Sterling Moore are players you might be able to sign next week. These guy right now would help you get your finances in order and allow you to put a decent product on the field for you have seen these guys play. I truly think having serviceable players is going to force Lee to make a decision, because he is being paid a lot of money for a guy who has not completed a season and in all likelihood because of his size he will be moved. maybe they cut him, because no team is going to pick up the pay for a guy who is 6-10 games at best…No one but jerry…For 40+ million…

  2. I say if you can sign Mo, Moore, Carter, Hayden, Durant you do it and do it now…Waiting until they go off then you are going to be in real trouble. Let carter have three or four picks in a playoff game, and watch his value go up, not to mention the guy can run, so if he does get three or four picks and he takes two back to the house, and the Boyz win the Super bowl good luck trying to sign Dez, Murray, Carter, McClain, Melton and a list of others. What I am saying is the list this guy gave I agree in the order of doing value, but in the order of doing business, looking for the bang for buck, I would flip that whole order get the value players if you can because those guys are serviceable at least, and if you have to go into the draft it is better looking t replace two or three pieces, than it is to keep two or three good pieces, and have to replace 10 or 15, because when you start one new guy the team can mask his deficiencies, but when you have a McClain in the middle and you are trying to start a new Dt Tackle, a new Strong side Linebacker, two new dbs, you sink right back down to the bottom. So sign the lesser value players if you can you know they can play and play to a very high level. Then you go into talks with Melton, McClain, Lee, Scandrick, Murray, Spencer, and Dez, hoping to get them all back, but realistically, Dez you will get then the rest will have to settle with what he leaves behind. McClain might get what he leaves, and then the rest of the guys might have to look for work elsewhere. But it is much easier than doing it the other way. And you team is still competitive, because you know the guys you re-signed have played before. Claiborne coming off and injury, works in your favor if you can get him a slight bump in pay. not a lot, but get him right now. Spencer is going to be hard to keep unless he just says. I am Retiring a Cowboy, and that would mean he will take what you give him as long as it is comparable.


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