Adjusted 2015 NFL Salary Cap By Team

Following news that the salary cap for the 2015 NFL league year has been officially set at $143.28MM, the NFL Players Association has released adjusted figures for all 32 teams. The figures below are a reflection of how carryover cap room from 2014 and other adjustments based on incentives and escalators will affect each team’s 2015 space.

For more specific details, you can check out the NFLPA’s full breakdown, but here are the adjusted 2015 cap figures, listed in alphabetical order by team:

Arizona Cardinals: $148,515,866
Atlanta Falcons: $146,248,815
Baltimore Ravens: $145,131,127
Buffalo Bills: $145,781,930
Carolina Panthers: $149,371,637
Chicago Bears: $145,168,434
Cincinnati Bengals: $152,130,435
Cleveland Browns: $161,767,400
Dallas Cowboys: $148,578,313
Denver Broncos: $150,066,024
Detroit Lions: $144,317,991
Green Bay Packers: $151,471,106
Houston Texans: $146,025,746
Indianapolis Colts: $152,423,392
Jacksonville Jaguars: $168,486,107
Kansas City Chiefs: $146,144,200
Miami Dolphins: $152,926,937
Minnesota Vikings: $149,627,960
New England Patriots: $144,578,084
New Orleans Saints: $145,092,430
New York Giants: $143,411,883
New York Jets: $156,149,394
Oakland Raiders: $151,872,756
Philadelphia Eagles: $159,872,378
Pittsburgh Steelers: $144,058,469
San Diego Chargers: $142,972,612
San Francisco 49ers: $149,855,980
Seattle Seahawks: $148,257,738
St. Louis Rams: $144,673,387
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: $144,909,889
Tennessee Titans: $154,353,578
Washington: $146,591,745

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