PFR Originals: 3/22/15 – 3/29/15

The original content produced by the PFR staff during the past week:

  • Now that this year’s compensatory picks have been announced, Luke Adams was able to provide the complete 2015 NFL draft order (also available on a team-by-team basis).
  • Luke also posted the list of 2015 NFL trades, which will updated as the season progresses.
  • Rory Parks examined the free agent stock of receiver Michael Crabtree, one of the top FAs still available.
  • Also in our FA stock watch series, Luke took a look at linebacker Rolando McClain, who is still sitting on the market.
  • The NFL is expected to vote on changing the extra point rules in May, and Luke asked how PFR readers thought the rules should be altered. The majority of voters (about 41%) believe that the extra point should remain unchanged. Thanks for voting!
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