49ers Looking To Trade Up For Amari Cooper

The 49ers are looking to trade up from pick No. 15 to land Alabama star Amari Cooper, according to Matt Miller of Bleacher Report (video link).

GM Trent Baalke has fallen in love with Cooper, particularly because he is polished, well-rounded, and seems ready to contribute almost immediately. Cooper can play any of the three receiver positions for the 49ers, which would give them a number of options in 2015. San Francisco has Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith in the fold, but Cooper could be the team’s offseason replacement for Michael Crabtree.

The 49ers, Miller says, have already started asking around about where Cooper is expected to land and they are trying to figure out what it would take to get in that range. In Miller’s view, the Niners would have to get up to No. 6 if he makes it past the Raiders at No. 4 because the Bears (No. 7) would love to pair Cooper with Alshon Jeffery in the wake of dealing Brandon Marshall.

Realistically, that would leave Washington (No. 5) and the Jets (No. 6) as possible trading partners for Baalke & Co. Even though it would cost them quite a bit, Miller notes that Baalke has historically shown that he knows how to manipulate a draft board and he has been willing to deal from a surplus of picks in the past to get the guy he wants.

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