Jim Irsay Discusses Chuck Pagano’s Future

The Colts have had some incredible success since hiring Chuck Pagano prior to the 2012 season. The organization has won 11 games in three straight seasons, and they’ve advanced an extra round in the playoffs in each of his three years.

However, there was some skepticism surrounding the 54-year-old, particularly his inability to lead a talented roster to a Super Bowl appearance. News that the team wasn’t planning on extending Pagano only added fuel to the fire. However, owner Jim Irsay hushed any speculation on Friday evening, asserting that he wants Pagano, whose contract is set to expire at the end of the season, to be the head coach going forward.

Stephen Holder of IndyStar.com compiled some quotes from Irsay, which we’ve collected for you below…

On previous negotiations between the organization and Pagano’s representatives:

“There were some efforts to talk about it. We just didn’t get there. Sometimes that happens. If you go back to the old days, there were no agents involved, either. Now general managers and coaches sometimes have agents. In fact, oftentimes … We’re real positive about Chuck Pagano and the things that he’s done. It’s not a sign of anything extremely negative. We just haven’t gotten anything done in terms of a long-term contract.”

On the two sides’ inability to agree on a contract extension:

“These things are ongoing a lot of times behind the scenes. We’re working on contracts, whether it’s management, coaches, players. We had discussions and it doesn’t mean that they won’t continue. It’s not a Super Bowl-or-bust season or anything like that.”

On Pagano’s accomplishments and contributions to the organization:

“We were proud of our (2014) season and I really feel positive about Chuck and what he’s done for us. There’s no question that he’s accomplished a lot since he’s been here. And we’re here tonight for this gala because he had that illness (leukemia) in 2012. Really, it’s only been two years, kind of, that he’s been coaching. So, he’s done a very good job and nothing rules out that we couldn’t have an extension done before the season. And if not, we can still, I’m sure, work things out.”

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