Teams Concerned About Randy Gregory

Teams have been concerned about Randy Gregory‘s marijuana use for some time and there have been inferences to other off-the-field issues. Earlier today, Jason Cole of Bleacher Report (video link) shed some light on the other concerns that NFL teams have about the Nebraska star.

Gregory was viewed as a potential top ten pick, but Cole now hears that he might not make it into the first round. For starters, teams are concerned with Gregory’s potential mental health issues. In an interview with Kimberly Jones of, Gregory explained that he has suffered from anxiety and indicated that he self-medicated with marijuana to cope with that, so that’s probably a portion of what teams are worried about.

Beyond that, teams are concerned that he might use other drugs recreationally, but it’s not clear from Cole’s report if teams have seen evidence of that or if that concern is strictly speculative. Teams are also worried about Gregory’s “association” with Cash Money Records and they aren’t sure if he’s getting the best guidance in his personal life.

Earlier today, PFR’s Rob DiRe predicted that the Jets would draft Gregory with the No. 6 overall pick. By all indications, that would appear to be the ceiling for Gregory, especially with all of his red flags.

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