NFL Approves Change To Extra Points

NFL owners have approved a change to extra point attempts, as Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports (on Twitter) reports. From now on, PAT attempts will be taken from the 15-yard line, the distance of a 33-yard field goal try.

Two-point conversions will remain untouched and continue to be done from the two-yard line. However, the opposing defense can now return those attempts for two points of its own in the case of a fumble or interception, Jerry McDonald of the Oakland Tribune tweets.

Regular point-after attempts can also be returned by defenses for two points, Garafolo tweets. If a team lines up for two points and is penalized, the club can opt to instead kick for one point, as Matt Maiocco of tweets.

The Raiders and Washington both voted against changes to the extra point, a source tells Garafolo (link). In the end, however, they were outnumbered. While some will surely be critical of the new plan, it’s undeniable that extra points will now be much more interesting in 2015.

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