Following Specific Players On PFR

As we’ve outlined before, there are a number of different ways to follow Pro Football Rumors via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and RSS. If you don’t want to follow all the site’s updates, you can subscribe to team-specific or transaction-only Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feeds. Although we don’t have Facebook pages or Twitter feeds for specific players, it’s easy to follow all our updates on your favorite player.

If, for instance, you want to keep track of all the latest news and rumors on Russell Wilson as he enters the final year of his contract and considers an extension with the Seahawks, you can visit this page. If you’re interested in keeping tabs on the latest rumors involving Tom Brady‘s suspension appeal, you can find Brady’s page right here. In addition to players, we also maintain archives for certain specific topics. For example, all our posts relating to the city of Los Angeles can be found here.

Every player we’ve written about has his own rumors page, and each of those players also has his own RSS feed, making it even easier to follow the latest updates. Links to RSS feeds for specific players are all located on this page. You can also find links to RSS feeds for various miscellaneous categories there. For instance, if you only want to receive one update every Sunday recapping the week’s notable headlines, you can subscribe to our Week in Review RSS feed, right here.

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