Video Of Junior Galette Striking A Woman Emerges

Saints’ pass rusher Junior Galette was arrested in January in relation to allegations of battery. Galette was set to meet with league officials at the NFL office, but will have more to talk about than originally thought, as a video has emerged that shows Galette using force against a woman from 2013, writes Larry Holder of

The video portrays an unrelated incident, in which a fight breaks out and Galette strikes a woman with his belt. It can be found on YouTube, under the name “Spring Break 2013 South Beach Brawl.”

The team and league are both aware of the video and Galette’s participation in it, according to Holder.

The charges from this past January were dismissed, and although a civil suit was filed, it hasn’t moved forward since March. Galette and his camp tried to push the incident as a one-time thing.

“Really, at this level, you can conduct yourself as good, as choir boy as you want, sometimes the trouble comes to you,” Galette said on Wednesday, in regard to the recent arrest. “In that situation, there was nothing I could do. Everything, if I could do it all over again, there’s not much different that I can do as far as what this person wants for me out of my life.”

The video from 2013 does not shine a good light on Galette, and with other recent domestic violence incidents and suspensions around the league, the NFL will likely use this video as strong visual evidence to hand down a suspension and eventually uphold that suspension in case of an appeal.

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